6 Advantages of Using Data Enrichment Services

With data enrichment services, you can increase your ROI, improve sales and see better results in your marketing campaigns. Read about the six advantages of using data enrichment services.

Did you know that data enrichment had a whopping growth of 80% in the year of 2019? Yes it is true. Data enrichment has the potential to increase your ROI exponentially. If your enterprise has not yet invested in data enrichment, it is time to start now, as it is a proven growth contributor.

Data enrichment refers to the procedure of refining data to make it more relevant, accurate and valuable for your enterprise. Outsourcing data enrichment is a great way to get insights on your data and use it to your advantage.

Here are six advantages of using data enrichment for your business:

  1. Guarantees the accuracy of algorithms
    Algorithms keep changing as a result of an enterprise bringing in changes in their data system. This can have a big impact on important business decisions. With access to data enrichment services, your business can leverage greater efficiency and improved business performance. The data, which is enriched, can also be used to develop AI models.
  2. Recognize recurrent entries
    Data enrichment services can be used to spot duplicate entries from an enterprise’s current contact data sets. Without data enrichment, it would be difficult to get results from your data. Since data enrichment can be used to spot duplicate entries, your external and internal customer communication can be refined. This is bound to have a direct impact on your enterprise’s sales and revenue.
  3. Create meaningful business relationships
    With access to relevant data, your business will be able to create communication strategies based on customer preferences and accordingly prioritize their needs. When your customers are confident that they understand your needs, they will definitely purchase your products/services over competitors. Data enrichment services can open up bigger business opportunities for your business.
  4. Develop a customer-nurturing program
    It is not only sales that can add to your business performance. A robust customer-nurturing program can also open up your business to greater business opportunities. You must have come across plenty of prospective customers that like your offerings but are not currently interested in your business offerings. With data enrichment, such contacts can be segmented and then nurtured with value-add information, so that they can eventually be converted into actual customers.
  5. Target your marketing campaigns
    If you want to see the results of your targeted marketing campaigns, data enrichment services can help. Through enriched data, segmentation per geography, industry and profile can be carried out easily. Data enrichment can also be used to carry out targeted marketing campaigns. It is a proven fact that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work today. To achieve good results in your marketing campaigns, you would need data enrichment.
  6. Experience an increase in ROI and greater sales
    Data enrichment can have a direct impact on your sales. With access to accurate and clean data, your sales are likely to increase exponentially. Just imagine that you have invested a huge amount of revenue into a contact list, only to hear later that the list is outdated. In the long run, it pays to incorporate a data enrichment plan as a part of your growth plan, so that you can ensures better sales and uninterrupted customer communication. It is good to keep in mind that the more enriched your data is the greater your sales growth can get.

At Outsource2india, we have extensive experience in offering data enrichment services to customers in data intensive fields like telecommunications, retail, banking and insurance amongst others. Our skilled team of data enrichment experts can help with identifying and eliminating duplicate/incorrect entries. We can interlink multiple data sources and get rid of obsolete data. Once your data is enriched, you will be able to see a steep increase in your ROI. Why not get started with outsourcing today? Find out more about outsourcing data enrichment services.

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