6 Graphic Design Hacks You Need to Know

Are you developing a graphic design of a product/services? If yes, read these six graphic design hacks and create a stunning graphic design.

Did you know that eye-candy designs can go a long way in promoting your business and your brand on social media? Graphic design can make your enterprise a better visual communicator, while convincing your customers to buy your products/services. Here are some graphic design hacks to help you come up with appealing graphic designs.

  1. Pair contrasting fonts together

    Select fonts that are high in contrast for the main and supporting text. This will help you balance the fonts, while helping you create a stunning feature in the design. You can increase the contrast by making the size of text larger or by using a bright color.

  2. Match the colors within your design

    To make your graphic design stand out, you should create a harmony between the colors in your design. You can match the colors used for text holders with the background image. To make sure that you are using the exact colors from an image, you can use a color picker tool. The image of your product will stand out from the background and catch the eye of your customers.

  3. Use grids for your design

    Grids can help you layout and edit images, to give your graphic design a professional effect. Grids are a quick and easy way to create an unique design with an exceptional layout.

  4. Maximize copy space

    Search for a background image that has ample copy space that can be used for overlaying text. To create more white space, you can try enlarging your images.

  5. Select consistent elements

    Try to stay consistent when you use fonts, colors, logos and images. By repetitively using the same color palette, font and typeface, you can give your brand visual recognition. This will help you company stand out from among its competitors.

  6. Fix color issues

    Fix the color issues in your images by increasing or decreasing the saturation of an image. When the color is completely saturated, your graphic design will be bright, vivid and clear.

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