6 Myths of Mobile App Development Busted

Have the myths around mobile app development stopping you from outsourcing? Read on to find on to find out how we bust six popular myths on mobile app development.

With the mobile ecosystem being new in comparison to web start-ups, several first-time mobile app entrepreneurs have misbeliefs about the entire mobile application journey. The following myth busters are guaranteed to turn novice mobile entrepreneurs in the right direction and keep them aware of what lies ahead during the development of an app.

Myth: Mobile app development is all about technology

You are not from a tech background, but still want to develop an app and are worried about how it can be done. Technology is just an enabler, but not the idea of a mobile app. For example, you need not know about coding to develop a tech product. Simply outsource mobile app development to a service provider who can understand your ideas and create the app for you.

Myth: Once an app is built, your work is done

Nothing could be further than the truth. Building an app is the easiest thing on the journey of app development. Once your business mobile app is live on the app store, the next phase comes, wherein you need to get customers to consistently use your app.

Myth: The idea is everything

If no one has ever thought about your idea, then there is a good chance that they will also not identify with it. The more unique your idea is, it becomes all the more uncertain if the app can be useful, practical and error-free. This is where execution comes in. How you bring your idea to life matters. You must keep in mind that there are several great ideas that don’t succeed, simply because of poor execution.

Myth: Building a prototype is expensive

From the days of traditional software development, the overall cost of building an app is drastically low. Even before you think about investing into an app, you can ask for a demo or a version 1 to be developed.

Myth: Your idea needs validation before development

No one can give you feedback on an imaginary app. Do not look for validation. After your mobile app is up and running, you can ask for feedback from customers who have used your mobile app.

Myth: Marketing is the only way to get customers to notice your app

Yes, marketing is the easiest way, but not necessarily the most effective way. The growth of your app comes from building a great mobile app and delighting the first set of customers who use it. It is a proven fact that successful apps becomes popular based on word of mouth and not marketing. Customers tend to endorse apps that stand out from the crowd.

Now that the above myths on mobile app development are busted, why not go ahead and start developing that mobile app. Find out how we, at Outsource2india can assist you with mobile app development.

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  1. Thanks Vinita for sharing some useful information. As we know, mobile app market is more than $30 billion dollar in revenue and market is still growing at a rapid rate. It create vast opportunities for outsourcing companies to get mobile app development projects because nowadays it is the demanding need of every business.

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