6 Reasons Why You Should Not Outsource to Freelance Software Developers

As core software systems and mobile-oriented software & applications have started dominating the marketplace, and users are increasingly consuming easy-to-use mobile applications, the demand for software developers is all time high.

Being the builders of the digital world and the drivers of IT transformation, the software engineers are in great demand and this trend is not going to end soon. Consequently, the firms worldwide are either aggressively hiring the software developers or are outsourcing their software development work. When companies consider the option of outsourcing, which undoubtedly delivers a broad spectrum of benefits, they have two choices to choose from – either they can hire a professional outsourcing firm or contact an individual freelance developer for delivering high-end technology solutions. Both options have their own set of pros and cons. But hiring a freelance software developer may not be a great option as compared to getting associated with a professional offshoring company owing to the following reasons.

Software Freelance Developers Vs Professional Software Development Outsourcing Firm

  1. Availability

    As freelance software developers do not work according to the proper office timings and also handle multiple projects simultaneously, their availability can be a great issue. In order to coordinate with freelance developers, one has to manage his/her schedule as per their timetable. On the other side, an offshoring company offers professional services with proper work timings and they also appoint project managers for each outsourced project to ensure smooth communication and round-the-clock availability.

  2. Less Control

    You tend to have lesser control over a freelancer as compared to an in-house developer as continuous communication pertaining to the small and minute details of the project is not as easy as it sounds while working with freelance developers. But, instead if you choose an outsourcing company, they set lucid progress reporting rules to ensure that you do not experience any last minute disasters.

  3. Confidentiality Issues
    While this is not a very common issue but there are industries and companies for which confidentiality and disclosure of vital information to a freelancer could create problems. Such companies should work with professional offshoring companies that can enter into “Non-Disclosure Agreement” and ensure that the sensitive information of the company remains secure.
  4. Reduced Interviewing Options

    An employer hires a freelancer whom they believe is perfect for the job, but not being able to take a thorough interview may create problems later, as the freelancers may not have all the skills they have boasted about before taking the project. Though this can be combatted to some extent by insisting on samples of the previous works and client references. On the contrary, an outsourcing firm has a team of experienced and skilled developers, so you always have the option to try out another developer in case you are not happy with the one assigned to you.

  5. Distance
    When you hire an off-site freelancer, you will not have complete control over them as you would not be able to monitor them. This implies that if they tell you that they have worked for four hours on a particular day, you have to trust them and pay the hourly rate. However, software outsourcing firms usually provide project reports and fool-proof time sheets.
  6. Communication Issues

    As you have to use different tools for communicating with the freelancers and cannot have personal meetings with them whenever you want, there might arise some issues owing to the lack of proper communication, which is not the case with profession outsourcing firms.

It’s better to hire a professional company to do the job if the stakes are high and you can’t afford to take chances. If you have decided not to hire a freelancer and seek help of a professional outsourcing firm for custom software development, contact us at Outsource2india. We offer a wide array of software development offshoring services. Leave a comment in the box below to share your requirements and our executives will contact you to discuss the development project.

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