6 Reasons To Choose QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks online has been ideal choice of enterprises, whether they are start-ups or growing businesses. From affordable pricing options, ease of use and cloud hosting capabilities, read about six reasons to switch to QuickBooks Online.

As a business grows, manual bookkeeping becomes unsustainable. However, with the aid of accounting software, the time spent on repetitive tasks can be reduced, more accurate records can be kept and professional looking financial reports can be created easily.

Businesses often struggle with choosing the best accounting software. If your enterprise is on the verge of making this decision, read further to find out why QuickBooks would be right choice for you. As your enterprise grows to a large-scale enterprise, you will need to switch to an ERP platform that will be able to handle more complex financial requirements.

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software with over 7 million global customers. QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online are two popular software offered by QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online is more popular as it can be hosted on the cloud and can be accessed from multiple devices.

Here are six benefits of using QuickBooks for your bookkeeping and accounting

  1. Affordable pricing options
    If your enterprise is a startup or has just started expanding the business, QuickBooks may be the best option, as it is affordable. It has robust accounting features with cost-effective pricing plans. You also have the option of switching to a higher pricing plan without losing any data. Unlike other accounting software, you don’t have any contracts and are free to cancel/switch your subscription at any time, without having to pay a huge sum upfront.
  2. Easy to use
    Many businesses prefer QuickBooks because of its user experience. It is one of the easiest software platforms to implement and offers great functionality. Other platforms like Sage or NetSuite will require several months of setup and can cost thousands of dollars for a third-party expert to migrate the data. With QuickBooks, you can use the software right from the first day and a complete setup and data migration would only take a few days. The interface of QuickBooks is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. There are several video tutorials on how to use the software, along with a dedicated customer support team for technical help.
  3. Access to a wide range of features
    QuickBooks offers great value for entrepreneurs, right from startups to bigger enterprises. The software comes with all the basics, like reporting, financial statements, expense tracking, cash flow etc. As your business grows, you can add advanced financial requirements like bill payments, invoicing, sales reporting or inventory tracking.
  4. Effortless integration with other finance tools
    Many businesses use a number of finance tools to handle different aspects of their accounting processes like payroll, invoices, bank accounts or credit card accounts. As businesses grow, they may require specialized finance tools to address each business function. While some accounting software only integrate with a handful of other platforms, QuickBooks integrates with over 650 other business tools. It even has the capability to sync all your data, to help your business sync all your data and understand the full picture of your enterprises health, while streamlining your month-on-month processes.
  5. Popular choice with bookkeepers, finance firms and accountants
    It can be challenging to find skilled financial professionals with the right experience to manage the software and provide you with the expert guidance and advice that your business needs. QuickBooks is well established and a popular choice among accountants, bookkeepers and financial firms. It is very easy to find accounting professionals with QuickBooks certification. This will ensure that you business accounts are managed with a higher level of proficiency.
  6. Leverage the benefits of the cloud
    QuickBooks Online helps you access your financial records from anywhere in the world making it well suited for business teams that work globally or remotely. With just a login and password, your accountants will be able to access your company files from anywhere. With cloud storage, you can access your accounting records in a secure way. Since your data is stored remotely, you need not worry if your computer has malfunctions or is damaged. Another benefit is that cloud-based software is centrally updated, so that you will always be using the most up-to-date version without having to worry about updates. During tax time, your CPA can easily access your receipts, invoices and books from any location.

At Outsource2india, we can ensure that your business leverages all the advantages of QuickBooks and avoid making costly accounting mistakes. Our team of trained bookkeepers and accountants has years of experience in working with QuickBooks and can ensure that your business makes the most of QuickBooks. Right from the start, we will assist your business with setting up QuickBooks and make sure that your data is accurately organized and imported. With our expert daily bookkeeping services, your business will be able to track key trends and insights. You can count on the expertise of our team of accountants, bookkeepers, tax advisors, CPAs and CFOs. Find out more about outsourcing QuickBooks accounting and bookkeeping services.

Did you like reading this post? What is the current financial software that you are using? Would you switch to Quickbooks online? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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