6 Reasons to Move Towards a Cloud Contact Center

Read this blog post to find out six reasons why your enterprise should move from a premises-based center to a cloud contact center.

Is your business looking for a unified solution to address both inbound and outbound voice communications, which can be hosted outside your office premises? If yes, what you need is a cloud contact solution. With a cloud contact solution, you can effortlessly centralize all your customer communications across multiple channels like CRM software, voice, chat, email, social media and text messages. Making the switch to a cloud contact center over a premises-based solution can offer your business with significant benefits like better flexibility, stronger compliance and a better cost structure.

Here are six reasons why your enterprise should opt for a cloud contact center:

  1. Improved flexibility and scalability
    A cloud contact solution requires very minimal on-site hardware and software, thereby enabling businesses to easily scale up phone lines and features in real-time. Unlike a premises based contact center, agents can work from their home offices and take phone calls with ease. It also becomes very easy to add phone lines or call routing structures when there are seasonal fluctuations in your customer call volume. With cloud based contact centers, you will only be paying for the volume and features that you use each month, without have to pay for unnecessary capacity.
  2. Enjoy flat rate billing
    With a cloud contact center, businesses can enjoy a flat-rate billing structure that can be paid on a monthly basis. This is far more affordable than the one-time costs it takes to install and set-up a contact center on a site. Your enterprise will be able to consolidate costs across several geographic locations and leverage a flexible billing. Billing arrangements can also be made based on usage of resources. Yet another big benefit is that a cloud-based solution can effortlessly access new features and software updates.
  3. Easy maintenance and upgrades
    Vendor support, internal resources and on-site service technicians maintain premises-based contact centers. However, with a cloud-based center, everything can be outsourced from implementation, hosting, operations and even the daily maintenance requirements. Outsourcing the maintenance will help your enterprise optimize the skills of your internal team while, tapping into cutting-edge technology.
  4. Easier and improved remote workforce
    With a cloud contact center, your business can enjoy the perks of “homeshoring”. A remote workforce can be expanded to support resources who work from home or outside the office. With cloud-based technology, the costs of work from home agents can be greatly minimized. Enterprises will have the option of accessing a talent pool of English speakers at a much lower cost with the flexibility to scale up the talent as and when there is an increase in call volume.
  5. Up-to-date compliance
    If you own a premises based center, you would have to handle the compliance requirements internally on a regular basis. This would require your enterprise to pay attention to the required policies, scripts and disclosures needed for safe data handling. Your enterprise would also have to work closely with compliance experts. However, with a cloud contact center, there is a flexibility to adjust to new regulatory changes as there is a centralized platform for archiving, recording and deleting calls. This feature is able to control regulatory risks. The use of cloud technology can reduce the cost of adding new features and workflow changes to address new compliance requirements.
  6. Increase the productivity of internal resources
    Your internal IT team can gain new independence with cloud contact center services. While premises based solutions require extensive hardware and ongoing system maintenance, along with significant staff hours to maintain the system performance, a cloud contact center requires none of these. By availing cloud contact center services from a trusted vendor, you can minimize the burden on your IT staff and see a sharp increase in the productivity of your IT team.

Did you know that enterprises of all sizes are making the transition towards cloud contact centers? Changing from a premises-based set up to a cloud contact center can give your organization big benefits, increase in flexibility, a better cost structure and worry-free maintenance. Moreover, your internal IT team will be able to focus on building up your business. At Outsource2india, we offer cloud contact center services that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your enterprise. Our team of experts offers cloud-based telemarketing, inbound services, outbound services and super agent services to name a few. Our cloud contact services are fast, efficient, reliable, secure and error-free. Find out how you can avail expert cloud contact services today.

Do you think it is time for your enterprise to move to the cloud? If no, why do you think a premises-based center can serve you better? Do you need more information about cloud contact center services? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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