6 Do’s When Outsourcing Big Data Analytics

The trick in outsourcing big data, lies in finding the right partner and then working with them effectively. Read the six do’s to help with outsourcing big data analytics.

Did you know that managing big data is critical when it comes to improving your business value? However, most enterprises face challenges in managing data volume, data velocity and data variety. Such challenges have made mid to large enterprises look towards outsourcing services providers for big data support. The trick in outsourcing big data, lies in finding the right partner and then working with them effectively. Here are six do’s to help with outsourcing big data analytics.

  1. Adopt a testing mentality

    When outsourcing, take a pilot approach in your partnership. Beware of service providers asking you to place a big bet on a new system or commit to services for 12 long months. Before you promise any long-term commitments, find out what the vendor can actually offer you. Search for a third party provider who can integrate with your existing team and add value to what you are already pursing in big data.

  2. Keep your business hat on

    For an effective big data program, you will require strong analytical tools, deep business knowledge and well-developed architecture. Through outsourcing, you can partner on the architecture and analytics, but you will still need the understanding of business rules and logic to be in-house. Keep your internal team intact. Domain expertise is something that cannot be gained from a service provider. It is too unique. You need an internal team who will know what questions to ask to an outsourcing service provider. If you do not have an analytically minded team, it’s never too late to recruit one before you outsource.

  3. Outsource deep dives

    Take a closer look at your big data and find out areas that are prime targets for outsourcing. The best places to use big data outsourcing support is in areas where you need to make quick business decisions.

  4. Look for more than data aggregation

    When you outsource, you should look for something more than just data collection. The service provider should be able to assist your internal team with what your data really means. Results from your data needs to be interpreted and used for the profit and growth of your enterprise.

  5. Be careful about how much you share

    When you work with a big data service provider, you will have to give access to the actual data. However, you must provide access to your data securely and be aware about the limitations of liability. While you can give access to data about customers, do not give the names of actual customers. As you do not want your data to end up in the hands of a competitor.

  6. Do not outsource the outcome

    When outsourcing big data analysis and execution, make sure that you retain the full ownership of the project. You should have a stable internal team who will manage and own the outcome of your big data.

What are your fears when it comes to outsourcing big data support? You will never know if outsourcing can help your enterprise, if you don’t give it a shot. Why not try big data outsourcing today?

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