6 Tips to Make Your Newsletter Design More Appealing

Did you know that a good-looking newsletter can increase your click rate and ROI, while making sure that your customers get positive vibes about your enterprise? Read this blog post to find out what you can do to create a visually appealing newsletter.

If you want your email-campaigns to be successful, you will need an effective newsletter design. Designing a captivating newsletter will help your customers remember you. With a good-looking newsletter, you can increase your click rate and your return on investment. Research has shown that your customers will have a positive tendency towards your company and your products with a visually appealing newsletter.

Here are six tips to create a visually appealing newsletter:

  1. Design an outline

    A clean outline can help you organize your thoughts and information into a neat format. Once your outline is done, you can organize the content, place it in order and make it easy for your customers to read and follow the information in your newsletter.

  2. Create a recognizable header

    The header is an essential part of your newsletter. It should be located on top of your newsletter and contain your name, logo and title. Your customers will be looking at your heading immediately when they open your newsletter, so it a good idea to create an easily recognizable header that will make a lasting impression.

  3. Choose colors wisely

    Make sure to choose the color schemes of your newsletter carefully. You must remember that colors can have a considerable effect on customer behaviour. To emphasize your brand, you can use a font color that matches with your logo or is similar with the color scheme of your logo.

  4. Use sub-headings

    Using sub-headings in your newsletter is an easy way to make your newsletter visually appealing. Sub-headings can put the different content in your newsletter in order. Make sure to use the same clear font for all the subheadings. Remember to make the font size smaller than the header.

  5. Include appropriate pictures

    To make your newsletter visually appealing, you will need to include pictures. Using pictures will give your customers a longer attention span. On the other hand, too many pictures will prevent your readers from concentrating on your message. Balance the text and pictures to create an attractive newsletter. Make sure to use clear and detailed images that have a compatible retina display (high pixel density).

  6. Adjust the content layout

    Good content is not enough. Carefully planning the layout of how your content is placed is also important. With a good-looking content layout, your customers can easily scroll through and follow your messages. This will stop them from getting distracted or bored.

Did you find these tips on newsletter design helpful? Let us know if you have tried any of these tips and if it has increased the click rate on your newsletter.

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