7 Benefits of Medical Document Scanning

Are you still filing patient records in a drawer, cabinet or in a storage facility? If yes, your hospital should give medical document scanning a shot. With the ever-rising volume of records that your physicians have to handle on a daily basis, there are several reasons why your hospital should start scanning medical records into an electronic form.

Here are 7 benefits of document imaging for your hospital:

  1. Centralized record keeping
    When you use document imaging to convert paper documents into digital files, you can very easily store all your paperwork in a searchable and centralized data repository. With centralized record keeping, your records will no longer be lost or misplaced. All your patient information will be stored securely in one digital archive. This makes it easy for everyone.
  2. Efficient business management
    Using document imaging as a part of your EMR services, ensures more efficient record keeping and billing. Medical practices and hospitals will be able to exactly see what services were performed and what drugs were prescribed. This streamlines billing and claims.
  3. Increased information security
    When you use document imaging to replace paperwork, patient records and sensitive files will no longer be left in the open. This not just ensures better security, but has now also become a mandate under HIPAA’s patient safety and confidentiality rules.
  4. Mobile access to patient information
    Hospitals and doctor’s offices can now access digital medical records on handled devices. This means there is no longer any need to carry clipboards on their rounds. All patient data can be accessed from the centralized database and new patient data can be quickly entered using the same handled device. Physicians can now very easily access a patient’s medical history, check up on their insurance status and even review information. Another bonus is that all medical professionals treating a particular patient will be able to see the same medical records. This will be able to reduce the risk of error to a huge extent.
  5. Enhanced medical collaboration
    By storing all your patient records in one central location, you will notice that collaboration will become all the more easier. With a centralized EMR storage, your doctors, nurses, specialists and the billing department can access the same records. This further enhances patient care.
  6. Improved customer services
    For instance, if a patient has to access a record for insurance claims or challenge an invoice, he/she can do so by quickly accessing all the information from a searchable repository. A centralized EMR storage also makes it easier to share patient details with medical professionals, pharmacists or specialists at the request of a patient.
  7. Assured disaster recovery
    If your hospital has made preparations for a disaster, it is impossible to be ready for every kids of natural disaster, like a flood, fire etc. During such natural disasters, it is possible for paper records to be destroyed. However, with document imaging, you can not only store your papers electronically, but also securely file them off site. A secure cloud storage can ensure that your files are not only accessible, but also kept secure in case of a disaster.

If your hospital is new to document imaging or if you lack the required skills to carry it out in-house, you might want to consider outsourcing. The process of medical document scanning can also be overwhelming. For document imaging to be done right, you will need to make investments in hardware and software. You will also need to buy secure storage space. Another thing that you would require is ongoing support to ensure compliance, accuracy and efficiency. Outsourcing medical document scanning to a reputed scanning provider like Outsource2india can ease your worries. While you focus on providing healthcare support, we will handle your document scanning from start to end, without any glitches.

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