7 Benefits of Using Display Advertising

Read this blog post to find out what makes display advertising different from other types of online advertising and why you may need display ads for your small business.

Display adverting refers to a type of online advertising, wherein visual ads appear on websites with a call to action. Display adverting differs from search advertising and PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, which you would have noticed on search engine results pages. While PPC ads pop up when a consumer performs a search on Google or Bing, display ads pop up on the site that a customer clicks on from a search engine, or from any other site. There are different types of display ads. For instance, a display ad can be created to show up on local or national news sites to create awareness and get clicks to your website, or they can even be created to target customers based on their geographic location.

Lets look at the benefits of display advertising and why it is such a powerful marketing strategy for your business.

  1. Make ads more visually appealing
    While regular PPC ads are text only and have to be within a certain character count, display ads can be designed and styled without limits. This helps to effectively and quickly capture the attention of consumers, while getting the message across. Video, audio, graphics, branding etc can be easily incorporated into display advertising to make your business stand out and attract more customers.
  2. Increase visibility and brand awareness
    Customers need to be aware that your business exists. For that you need display advertising. With display ads, you can get in front of your consumers even before they need a specific service/product from your business. When customers encounter your brand name time and again, you will have a better chance of them doing business with you.
  3. Create targeted ads
    Just as PPC or Facebook advertising is targeted, display ads can also be created with specific parameters. Where your display ads appear on, the geographic location and the demographic can all be customized. Since display adverting can be targeted, you can make sure that relevant customers view your advertisements.
  4. Block out the competition
    Display advertising is a great way to interrupt consumers who are keen on doing business with a competitor and get them to do business with you. Search retargeting can be used to go after the consumers who looked for products on a competitors’ website. You could then offer them a better deal for the same product on your own site and thereby win over new consumers.
  5. Works well with other marketing strategies
    Display ads can be effectively used along with your other marketing strategies. Although PPC and SEO could be your top drivers of direct traffic and conversion, do not discredit the power of creating brand awareness for your business. This can be achieved only though display adverting.
  6. Reach customers on the go
    Geofencing is another big benefit of display advertising. Advertisements can be directly sent to mobile devices based on a customer’s current location. Display ads can be easily directed at customers who are shopping now and have a high purchase intent. With geofencing, a virtual permiter can be set around a geographic area like your enterpises’s location or the location of your competitors.
  7. Measure the effectiveness of your ads
    It is critical to measure the effectiveness of your marketing performance from time to time to know what is helping your business grow. With display ads, you can track how many times your ad has been viewed and how many users have clicked on your ads. You can easily measure the number of impressions your ads are receiving and the effect it is having n your brand building.

Display advertising has been proven to be a powerful marketing strategy, especially when it is used in conjunction with other marketing efforts. Not only do they complement other marketing strategies but are also easily trackable. Display ads can block out competition, build brand awareness, increase visibility and retarget customers. At Outsource2india, we offer expert display advertising services. We can help you attract new prospects, increase brand visibility, retain existing customers and improve customer relationship. Find out more about outsourcing display advertising services and get started with eye-catching advertisements.

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