7 Benefits of Using Xamarin App Development

Find out why Xamarin is your best bet when it comes to mobile app development.

Xamarin is an open-source, free and cross-platform that is used to build Android and iOS apps with Net and C#. Xamarin tools help developers build iOS, Android, Native or Windows apps across varied platforms. Xamarin is arguably the best cross-platform tool when it comes to mobile app development.

It allows developers to share nearly 90% of code across different platforms. It is based on the Microsoft technology stack and has over 1.2 million developers in its community. This cross-platform app allows developers to build a single app that can be used across different devices. Let us explore the benefits of using Xamarin for mobile app development.

  1. Quick development cycle
    The biggest benefit of using Xamarin is its reusable code. Over 90% of code can be used for developing apps on varied platforms. Since developers can reuse the code on different platforms, the time taken to develop an app and the development cycle is automatically accelerated.
  2. Finest user experience
    Xamarin is a cross-platform app development tool that facilitates C# coding. This renders a native look and feel of the mobile app. Xamarin has the capability to convert UI components into specific elements and provide users with an app-like user experience.
  3. Easy-to-use shared application code
    Another exciting feature of Xamarin that makes it a preferred choice for developers is its shared application codes. Developers can easily share codes across multiple platforms, making it easy for developers to build an application.
  4. Lack of hardware compatibility issues
    When you use Xamarin, you will not have to worry about facing any hardware compatibility issues. Xamarin offers an entire range of APIs and plug-ins, while also supporting cross-platform app development. This allows app developers to use na├»ve-level interaction with a device’s hardware. All of this reduces compatibility issues.
  5. Access to Xamarin component store
    With the Xamarin component store, app developers can choose from varied paid and free components. This component store is built into the visual studio extension of Xamarin. Developers have the ability to use the native UI frameworks and quicken the development cycle.
  6. Best-in-class user interface and low cost of maintenance
    While using Xamarin, app developers do not have to build code from scratch to process debugging. Developers will also not have to update the logic or efforts required to maintain the code. This minimizes the cost. Since Xamarin has a visual Studio and offers UX design tools, it offers a flawless UI and provides a best-in-class user experience and interface.
  7. Code sharing capabilities
    When it comes to native app development, developers are required to know languages like Java, Swift and much more. The codes will then have to be optimized for a platform that cannot run on the others. This is not the case with Xamarin, as it is a software that uses C# to carry out interactions with databases and offer logic for input validation.

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