8 Outsourcing Trends to Look Out for in 2018

What will outsourcing be like this year? Read this blog post to find out 8 upcoming outsourcing trends to look out for in 2018.

The outsourcing industry is likely to grow by leaps and bounds in 2018, with the aid of centralized technology. Latest survey reports have stated that 65% of firms that outsourced in the past will continue to do so this year. This only goes to show the faith and reliability that world-wide entrepreneurs have in outsourcing.

From cloud computing to artificial intelligence and transformation of communication, let us explore some of the upcoming outsourcing trends for year of 2018.

  1. Cloud computing will reach its peak

    Cloud computing in 2018 has been predicted to reach 200-Billion USD very quickly. Firms will now be able to increase their functionality capabilities and process areas, while managing the problems/requirements of clients with ease. Cloud computing will pave the way for cost-effective and customized solutions.

  2. Data security will gain more emphasis

    This year will see more emphasis on cyber security. In 2018, customers will expect a higher level of data security, as even a slight breach in security can result in massive loss. Outsourcing service providers have to work towards providing encrypted and secure servers for communication.

  3. Robotic process automation will get popular

    RPA or robotic process automation will become more popular this year. RPA can ensure better productivity and efficiency at a lower cost, while offering optimum quality. For instance, more call centers are opting for IVR over call center executives. Artificial intelligence or AI will rule the world of outsourcing and technology, while helping customers make huge savings.

  4. Improved efficiency and competence in outsourcing

    With automated processes, the latest software and better processes, the outsourcing industry in 2018 will offer higher efficiency and competence.

  5. Industrial insecurity will get better with outsourcing

    Outsourcing will make a way for companies to stay safe from political whims and fancies. Outsourcing can provide a caution for firms by undertaking their administrative and accounting works. Through outsourcing, a company can reduce its overall administrative and operational cost.

  6. Top-notch call centers will be popular

    2018 will see a newer type of call center rising. The new call center will offer round-the-clock services with the assistance of virtual agents and chatbots. These hi-tech call centers will be able to tackle several customers at the same time, without any disconnections.

  7. Vast transformation of traditional communication

    Experts have predicted a wave of change in traditional communication. Companies in 2018 will choose social media marketing, email promotion, online services and mobile marketing over traditional methods of marketing. More organizations will outsource SEO services in order to gain better visibility.

  8. Outsourcing will be the success mantra for more companies

    As per the recent outsourcing survey by Deloitte, global clients from different fields will opt for outsourcing in order to access better services with more value-add options. Clients will expect enhanced and specialized services from outsourcing service providers.

  9. The prospect of outsourcing in 2018 seems to be very bright indeed. Firms in 2018 will be able to increase their overall efficiency, reduce their operational expenditures, improve flexibility and augment productivity, all with the help of outsourcing.

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