9 Reasons to opt for Windows App Development

As Windows based smartphones gain popularity amongst users for its incredible features, ease-of-use, and an array of advanced functionalities, the demand for Windows mobile apps is also increasing considerably. Today, with the Universal Windows Platform, businesses which look forward to reaching their target audiences are not only leveraging iOS and Android apps, but are also indulging in getting universal Windows apps developed for their business.

Here are the top 9 reasons why should you choose the Windows platform for your business app development requirements as soon as possible –

  1. Being powered by tech giant Microsoft, the Windows OS possesses some incredibly interesting and useful features which can be leveraged optimally for developing feature-centric mobile apps
  2. The advanced security features offered by Windows OS makes both Windows phone and Windows devices impeccably secure to use. Thus, users are turning towards buying Windows based devices and that’s why developing Windows apps is a good idea
  3. Windows based devices offer seamless integration to all social media and email accounts owing to the inbuilt capabilities of the OS. Thus, businesses face a great opportunity to address their customers needs through targeted social media marketing
  4. Microsoft has facilitated Xbox integration into Windows based devices, and users can easily stream Xbox games they are playing on the console to their Windows 10 based PCs. Even game apps developed for the Windows store have Xbox live support and feature achievements. Businesses can cash-in on this opportunity by developing game apps which utilize these integrated features to deliver an amazing user experience to their customers
  5. Today, Windows based devices are available in a variety of budgets and sizes. This has expanded the target market for Windows, ensuring businesses can reach a wider audience through a broad spectrum of devices
  6. The world famous productivity suites being offered by Microsoft make Windows based devices ideal to be used by people who look forward to office, utility, and other business related functionalities. App developers can therefore target users hailing from corporate sectors and IT companies to produce highly functional productivity apps
  7. The acquisition of Nokia has given Windows a unique advantage in the hardware field, as Nokia used to be one of the most trusted mobile phone brands famous for their world-class build quality . Nokia came with an already established user base who are now buying Windows devices such as Microsoft Surface, etc. Thus, making apps for Windows can help businesses reach users from these demographics easily
  8. As enterprise mobility becomes a common concept in organizations worldwide, the need for smart devices offering features which can be optimally used for delivering an astounding user experience is increasing. Windows devices ideally satisfy such requisite and thus, is an ideal platform to be leveraged for building enterprise apps
  9. Windows Store has one of the most transparent app submission procedures, and unlike Android, the apps can’t be hacked or jailbroken. As a result, your monetary gains stand to be a lot higher when you develop a Windows app

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