The A To Z Of Outsourcing

Approach an outsourcing vendor who has prior experience in providing services to global organizations

Base your search for the perfect outsourcing vendor on references from other organizations who have outsourced services that you wish to outsource

Communication is critical to a good outsourcing relationship. Make sure that your outsourcing partner is fluent in the English language before you decide to outsource

Decide which your services would be more beneficial to outsource and which service would be more profitable to perform in-house

Estimate the cost of outsourcing before you choose an outsourcing partner. This will give you a clear picture if outsourcing is really going to benefit your organization

Functions that require a lot of time, effort, money, skill & resources are best outsourced

Gather as much as information about outsourcing as you can before starting to outsource. This would help you understand how the outsourcing process work & what to expect from an outsourcing relationship

Hire an offshore provider who sound knowledge & domain experience in the service that you wish to outsource

Inquire with several outsourcing providers before starting to outsource. Don’t start to outsource to the first offshore vendor that you come across

Judge if a outsourcing provider is ideal based on their experience, operating costs & turnaround time

Keep a track of the service that you have outsourced, so that you will always know if your offshore vendor is doing a good job

Listen to the queries/problems that your offshore vendor might be facing & sort them out on a regular basis

Managers who can efficiently manage outsourced projects are required before you decide to outsource as your outsourced project will go out of your hand if you don’t employ project managers who would manage your project

Negotiate on the price for the service that you wish to outsource before deciding to outsource

Only outsource business processes that are not a part of your core competency

Payment options can be different for each offshore vendor. Check this with your vendor before outsourcing & decide on a payment method that suits you the best

Question your outsourcing vendor about his experience in providing services, the processes he follows & the quality assurance processes that he observes

Request your outsourcing partner for a free trial to determine the quality of the services that your vendor can provide

Select an outsourcing partner who is willing to agree to your terms & conditions

Talk to your outsourcing provider or the project manager assigned to your project on a regular basis

Understand some of the genuine problems that your offshore vendor might be facing & ensure that these issues are addressed

Visit the location of your outsourcing provider & check the infrastructure, software & technology that your vendor is using

Walkout on an outsourcing vendor who does not have stringent security & privacy measures to ensure data security

Xerox a copy of all the legal documents & agreements singed between you & your outsourcing partner

Yearly reviews with your offshore vendor is necessary to check if outsourcing is increasing your organization’s productivity & profitability

Zero errors from your offshore vendors cannot happen right away but would take some time until your outsourcing vendor understands how your processes work and the level of quality that you expect

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