Improve Customer Relationships with Email & Chat Support Services

You already have a website that is bringing in several inquiries through email, but you find your business account piling up day after day with no time left to reply to your customers. You know that a live chat service on your website can covert visitors into customers, but you lack the resources and expertise to set up a 24/7 chat support function.

With most of your personnel handling core business functions, you are not able to provide your valuable customers with a live chat feature or prompt email replies. Slow replies to emails, ignored emails or chat services that do not function 24/7 can all make a dent in the growth of your business. This can also result in old customers losing their confidence in your brand and new visitors not getting converted into customers.

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Cutting-edge Mobile Application Development Services from India

With the recent advancements in mobile connectivity and technology, there has been a mind-blowing increase in the number of smartphone mobile users, increasing the need for the development of mobile applications.

An experienced Indian outsourcing provider can provide you with custom-built and cross-platform mobile app development services. With smart mobile apps, your customers can benefit from an improvement in the functionality and performance of their smartphones, be it Android, iPhone or Blackberry.

Based on your business specifications, your Indian outsourcing vendor will create value-added mobile applications that will exactly meet your requirements.

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Transform your business with organized Data Entry Services

Is your business losing its competitive edge because of cluttered data? Do you have data in different formats such as handwritten documents, printed sheets, CDs and PDF files that need to be organized into categories? Do you want your employees to spend more time on core business activities instead of hunting for data? If your answer is yes to the above questions, then what you require is data entry services from an expert in the field.

By outsourcing data entry services to Indian service providers, you will not only be saving time, effort and cost, but you can also get access to error-free and organized data. Witness a transformation in the way your company functions with organized data entry services.

Professional data entry services can change the way your business functions.

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Save millions of pounds by outsourcing healthcare services to India

Are the rising costs of medical billing, coding or claims adjudication in the UK overwhelming you? Why not consider outsourcing healthcare administration to India?

If you are still hesitant about outsourcing, read on to find out how you can save millions of pounds by offshoring.

The Economic Times recently ran an article, in which, John Neilson, who heads the leading healthcare efficiency reform in the UK said that Britain’s National Health Services administration should be outsourced to Indian healthcare service providers to cut back on cost. He has also commended the efficiency and capability of Indian professionals in the healthcare sector.

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Offshore Mechanical Engineering Services – The New Frontier in Outsourcing

In the recent past, Indian companies have proved to be reliable outsourcing partners for a range of BPO and KPO services. Now, they are making forays into yet another sector – product design and mechanical engineering.

The Huge Potential of Outsourcing Mechanical Engineering Services to India

According to the National Association of Software Services Companies (NASSCOM), India, “Global spend on Engineering Services in 2004 was $750 billion and is projected to increase to $1.1 trillion by 2020. Of the $750 billion spent today, only a fraction of the total is being offshored ($10 billion to $15 billion). The value of work currently undertaken by India-based vendors in this space is estimated at just 12% of the offshored market, highlighting significant untapped potential.”

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Outsourcing Benefits for UK Chartered Accountant Firms

Indian vendors like Outsource2india now offer customized bookkeeping services for companies and chartered accountant firms situated in the UK. If your business is in UK and you want to cut down costs on a non-core business activity like bookkeeping, why not consider outsourcing your accountancy requirements to India?

Benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping to India

  • Indian vendors like Outsource2india have expertise in SAGE, QuickBooks, Peachtree by SAGE, Viztopia, TAS, VT and IRIS
  • You have the option of choosing between a full-time and a part-time virtual bookkeeper. This helps you save on recruiting, training and employing a full-time resource
  • Fast turnaround time is one of the benefits that Outsource2india offers to UK customers. You can get your books updated within 12-24 hours

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India Offers Low Cost Data Processing Services

Is unorganized data that is kept in piles of paper keeping your business from the success that it deserves? If your answer is yes, then what you need to do is to get your data automated, organized and converted into electronic files. You can find an expert data processing partner in India who can meet your needs at a cost-effective price. Outsource2india is India’s numero uno provider of fast, accurate and low cost data processing services.

Why outsource data processing services?

  • With all your data accurately maintained and neatly organized, you can make use of your data as and when required. Your company can also make informed business decisions
  • At present, you might be storing your data in paper documents which can easily get lost or misplaced. With data processing you can convert all your paper files into electronic files and get large volumes of data processed and organized. With all your data computerized, you will never have to lose another important document
  • Although you may be having a large volume of data, there might be a lot of information which is obsolete or unwanted.  With data processing, you can get rid of all the data that you don’t want and only keep relevant data
  • By outsourcing data processing to Outsource2india, you need not invest in expensive software to digitize your data

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Have you considered outsourcing your legal work to India?

If your law firm wants to cut down on costs without compromising on the quality, you can consider outsourcing your legal work to India.  Outsourcing LPO services to Outsource2india can help you save more than 50% on your operating costs.  Apart from this direct cost saving, you can also save on the rising costs of legal resources, infrastructure and technology.

LPO services that can be outsourced to India

Outsource2india is one of India’s leading providers of LPO services. You can outsource any of the following legal services to Outsource2india.

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Get a creative logo design from India

A company logo, though a small image can give your company a unique corporate identity.  Your logo, though a small image can set your brand apart and help customers recognize your products or services. If your company does not have a distinct logo, why not consider outsourcing your logo designing requirements to India.

Indian offshore vendors, like Outsource2india have extensive experience in logo designing and have created unique logos for worldwide customers from different industries.  Armed with this diverse experience, latest design software and a team of creative designers, you can be sure of getting a logo that is distinct.

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Outsource Legal Process Outsourcing Services (LPO) to India

Is your law firm burdened with an overload of work? Why not think about outsourcing a few of your legal activities to a LPO service provider in India? You can get access to accurate legal services for an economical cost.  Apart from making substantial savings on cost, you can also save on the trouble of hiring and training attorneys for your law firm.

India offers a range of LPO services

Your law firm can get access to the following LPO services in India:

  • Legal research services
  • Legal drafting services
  • Legal analysis services
  • Contract abstraction services
  • Electronic document management services
  • E-discovery services
  • Legal document review and management services
  • Due diligence-compliance services
  • Paralegal services
  • Litigation support services
  • Legal typing services
  • Legal transcription services
  • Document conversion services
  • Document digitizing services
  • Legal coding
  • Legal translation
  • Optical Character Recognition Services
  • Court Reporting
  • Deposition Summaries

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