Cloudsourcing – The Latest Trend in Outsourcing

Your organization has already been leveraging outsourcing to cut back on costs, reduce risks, enhance quality and increase speed to market, but in 2011, you are looking for something more. You want to outsource more complex business processes rather than the regular back-office tasks. At the same time, you also want to see an increase in innovation, focus on core functions, make the most of opportunities and get ahead of competition.

Is your company not satisfied with just the cost or capacity advantages that outsourcing offers? Are you looking for significant value? If your answer is yes to the above questions, that what you require is an outsourcing model known as “Cloudsourcing” – the next stage in outsourcing.

So what exactly is Cloudsourcing? When your company avails all-inclusive sourcing solutions that bring together cloud infrastructure, cloud applications and cloud platforms from the public cloud, it is referred to as Cloudsourcing. With Cloudsourcing, you can assign tasks to a team of distributed personnel and benefit from the system of on-demand BPO services that you can avail from any geographical location.

What exactly can Cloudsourcing do for your business?

  • You can get access to superior BPO services as and when you need them only. You will be using a pay-per-use model
  • Your organization will have the freedom to initiate novel business process work types, scale up, and sustain real-time visibility to reduce risk
  • Cloudsourcing has made the world truly ‘flat’, with you being able to hire a person with the skills you want, when you have a need and for how long you require these skills. You will always have a ready access to an on-demand workforce
  • By adopting Cloudsourcing, your company can convert your fixed costs into a variable structure and also initiate new programs
  • Individuals who are skilled in a particular field or possess expertise in new areas can offer their services on-demand. Your organization can get in touch with such personnel for expert services
  • Cloudsourcing can enable you to set up a virtual call center in no time without having to invest in technology or infrastructure. You could simply put an end to the call center once your requirements are met
  • Since IT services will be delivered via the Internet, you as a customer will not have to worry about owning or maintaining expensive infrastructure such as networks, applications, servers or storage
  • Cloudsourcing can help your organization save more in terms of infrastructure and licensing costs. If you want to achieve economy of scale, then you must consider Cloudsourcing or cloud computing

So whether you require a temporary email/chat support team to handle a new product release, a virtual call center to handle call volumes during a high season or just a few extra hands to help out your existing team, you can simply cloudsource, without making huge investments. Cloudsourcing has made the idea of a virtual supply chain a reality. Give your organization a sustainable competitive advantage by adopting an on-demand BPO outsourcing model.

Get value-added services with Cloudsourcing

  • Cloud application development
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Cloud and legacy integration
  • Easy mobile access with mobility strategies

The different segments of Cloudsourcing
Cloudsourcing is a combination of different segments such as:

  • SOA (services-oriented architecture) enables the re-use of existing applications, by simply making a few modifications. This reduces the cost of ownership, increases the return on investment, with the benefit of offering the same application to several customers
  • SaaS (Software as a service) which initially began with time-sharing, grew to hosted applications and is currently known as Web services
  • Internet-based hosting enables business process outsourcing services to be provided anywhere in the world

The three main components of Cloudsourcing

  • Multitenant applications, platforms and infrastructure that are cloud-based will take over on-premise infrastructure and application portfolios
  • The cloud-based environment is supported by cloud services that include application development, maintenance, administration and help desk services
  • There will be no requirement to manage multiple cloud platforms or SaaS applications as an interconnected technical and business interface to the cloud is adopted

The benefits of Cloudsourcing

  • Leverage a lower total cost of ownership
  • Achieve greater agility
  • See an increase in end user effectiveness

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