Convert Browsers into Customers with Live Chat Support

Do you wish to bolster your brand and strengthen your identity with each browser that visits your website? Now, you can by outsourcing Live Chat Support services to India. With online chat support, you can give your valuable customers the chance to chat with a live representative at any given hour during the day or night. When browsers to your website get their queries and concerns immediately answered, you can be sure of an increase in the number of customers.

Employing a chat support service is a great way for your company to interact with potential customers and provide immediate product/service support in real time. Apart from being a good conversion tool, live chat support is also an effective way to provide marketing and sales support. Outsourcing live chat support is very affordable and is easily customizable for any type or size of business.  Investing in a chat support service is also an ideal way to up-sell or cross-sell your services/products to prospective customers. With live chat support services, you can be sure to generate more sales/leads from your current web traffic.

Outsourcing live chat support is more affordable and effective

Live chat support is best outsourced to an experienced call center company in India, who can provide you with dedicated chat support executives to promptly address customer concerns. Outsourcing live chat support to India can help you leverage numerous benefits at just a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay to run your own chat support service.

Moreover, you will not have to go through the process of hiring or training representatives. Indian call center companies combine state-of-the-art technology along with trained representatives to provide your customers with a personalized online shopping experience on a 24/7 basis. By outsourcing, you can:

  • Retain thousands of browsers who leave your site because of the lack of help
  • Provide customers with 24×7 access to real-time support right from your website
  • Bolster the trust of old customers by showing them that they can get help on the click of a button
  • Instill confidence in first-time customers who are confused or indecisive

Top 10 benefits of employing a live chat support service

  1. Assist the customers on your site on a 24/7 basis in real-time and troubleshoot their problems instantly
  2. Drastically reduce the number of shopping cart abandonments
  3. Ensure more sales by facilitating the checkout process
  4. Increase the number of registrations on your website
  5. Minimize the number of cancellations
  6. Easily cross-sell or up-sell products/services
  7. Improve customer loyalty to your brand
  8. Collect data about visitor information, website traffic and the navigational route in real-time
  9. Generate more sales and leads
  10. Maximize the order size of customers

Live chat support is simple to install and use

Unlike other business investments, online chat support is very simple to install and use. Since the chat support system employs functionalities that are already available in popular web browsers, no additional add-ons or modules are required. The chat support feature is also very easy for your visitors to use. When a visitor comes to your website, he simply has to click on the chat button to commence a chat session with an agent to get his queries answered in real-time.

Have you tried outsourcing live chat support services? If yes, how did outsourcing help improve the conversion on your site? Share your outsourcing experiences with us.

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