CRM: Why does your Enterprise need it?

Though CRM (Customer relationship management) software and platforms offer an array of features and enhances the productivity of your company, but, does your organization really need CRM?

If you have just started searching about a CRM solution for your company, the term “Enterprise CRM” may appear confusing. With several vendors offering off-the-shelf CRM solutions, it may become difficult for you to choose the ideal CRM solution to satisfy your needs.

This post aims to provide an in-depth representation of CRM and how it can benefit your company, thereby helping you make smart decisions about your organizational CRM solution.

What is Enterprise CRM?

Customer Relationship Management system or CRM is a difficult and vague term to define. While CRM is typically a software solution designed for enhancing the productivity and customer service of an organization, it broadly refers to the strategies, practices, and technologies which companies leverage for managing and analysing customer data. CRM software monitor interactions throughout the customer lifecycle, with the cardinal aim of improving business-customer relationships.

Why do you need CRM software?

Most CRM software consolidates the information pertaining to its customers in a CRM database for easy access and management by business users. CRM software offers a broad spectrum of functionalities and helps users keep everything streamlined. Simply put, your organization requires CRM software if you are seeking any of the following organizational features and support systems –

  • Custom Reporting

    In order to improve your sales process and get valuable insights about your customers’ expectations, robust and bespoke reporting dashboards are one of the most underlying requirements. CRM software facilitates custom reporting, and lets you glean insightful knowledge from these reports to enhance the efficacy of your sales processes.

  • Extended Collaboration

    One of the major benefits of CRM software is that they facilitate connectivity and collaboration between different teams, departments, and divisions worldwide. This connectivity becomes particularly significant when you operate from multiple locations, sell cross-country products, or have organizational departments other than the sales department using the CRM software for enhancing productivity.

  • Industry Specific Offerings

    Many companies which develop and market CRM software easily design different software for diverse industries. Every industry’s CRM requisites are different, and thus, it becomes vital that your CRM software ideally addresses its needs and delivers outstanding performance based on industry norms, standards, and requisites. There are different CRM software designed for companies belonging to banking, finance, retail, insurance, automobile, and other such verticals. You can choose the CRM software depending on which industry your company belongs to, in order to fetch optimum benefits.

  • Marketing Automation

    CRM tools come equipped with market automation capabilities, and thus, not only enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by delivering personalized services & information to customers, but also automate repetitive tasks for enhanced targeted marketing during different customer lifecycle points. For instance, as sales prospects enter into the system, the CRM system might send them marketing materials through social media or emails automatically with the aim of transforming a sales lead into a customer.

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