Cutting-edge Mobile Application Development Services from India

With the recent advancements in mobile connectivity and technology, there has been a mind-blowing increase in the number of smartphone mobile users, increasing the need for the development of mobile applications.

An experienced Indian outsourcing provider can provide you with custom-built and cross-platform mobile app development services. With smart mobile apps, your customers can benefit from an improvement in the functionality and performance of their smartphones, be it Android, iPhone or Blackberry.

Based on your business specifications, your Indian outsourcing vendor will create value-added mobile applications that will exactly meet your requirements.

Do Indian service providers have the required mobile application development expertise?

Yes. An experienced Indian service provider like Outsource2india has expertise in varied mobile solutions and platforms, a few of which are:

• Mobile development platforms
• Mobile application development
• M-commerce and mobile catalogs
• Mobile application porting
• iPhone mobile application development
• Brew mobile application development
• J2ME mobile application development
• Android mobile application development
• Blackberry mobile application development
• Symbian mobile application development
• Windows mobile application development
• Mobile phones to server communications
• Interface design and messaging solutions
• WAP site development
• Development of mobile websites with WAP-WML/XHTML-XP
• Development of multimedia and graphics

What is the mobile application development process that Indian service providers follow?

Typically, your Indian service provider will structure your mobile application as a multi-layer app which consists of data, business and experience layers. Then, the process would be as:
• The definition of the mobile application
• Comprehension of the key components
• Understanding the scenarios where the app will be used
• Learning key patterns and the technology required
• Identification of specific scenarios like synchronization, power usage and deployment

Why choose India for mobile apps development?

Here are few reasons why you business must consider outsourcing mobile application development to India:

• Indian mobile app developers have the capability to create smart back-end applications that will enable your customers to access your systems on the move

• Your outsourcing provider, being experienced in the field of mobile apps development will already have a good business and domain understanding. So with a better understanding of your target audience, you can be sure of mobile apps that will meet the needs of your consumers

• You will have an experienced and dedicated team of professional Indian developers who can focus on your needs and build customized mobile apps for your business

• By partnering with an Indian provider like Outsource2india, you need not invest in devices or technology to develop high-end mobile platforms and applications

• You will have the freedom to choose the mobile architecture of your choice (hybrid, proprietary or standard). You will also be able to choose the development approach that you require

• Your offshore mobile apps development team would thoroughly test your mobile solution and run Quality Assurance tests, so you can be sure about quality

• All you have to do is only state your specifications and you will have a mobile application tailor-made to your requirements. You will not have to waste precious time or effort on hiring a team of mobile application developers

Get the best in mobile application development services by outsourcing

Outsource2india is an Indian mobile application development partner that you can trust, as Outsource2india has worked with global customers across varied vertical such as Retail, Healthcare, Market Research, Manufacturing, Finance, Banking and Insurance to name a few.

With experience in creating solutions across mobile platforms, you can be sure that Outsource2india is the right partner for your company.

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