Data Science Benefits Across Industries

Find out how data science is impacting different industry verticals and the various benefits it can bring.

Businesses, no matter the industry they are from can benefit greatly from the use of data and analytics, for improving various aspects of their business. From mobile app usage to digital clicks and interactions on social media, everything leaves a data fingerprint. Businesses of today that want to grow can no longer afford to overlook the benefits that data science offers.

Let look at how data science can be leveraged to a huge extent in the following industries.

  1. Agriculture
    The agricultural sector is all set to reap the benefits of data science. Inputs from data are taken to grow the best crop, while farmers use data to decide on the amount of fertilizer to be used. Farmers are also able to decide on the right amount of seed, even before they start growing the crops. Data science is also used to predict the weather and farmers are able to decide if the weather will affect the quality of their harvest and make adequate plans.
  2. Journalism
    Data-driven journalism or data journalism has become a popular trend and is considered an area where data science is having a huge impact. Right from analysis, to visualization and storytelling, the entire workflow of a journalist is driven by data, with the help of data science. An article’s performance is evaluated by taking account likes, shares on social media, click through rates etc. With data science, journalists are able to curate content targeted to the readership of their newspaper, website or magazine.
  3. Education
    Universities of today are using data science to screen applicants. Marketing strategies are also employed to enroll a greater number of eligible students. Without data science, calculated decisions are made about student admissions based on the digital footprints of prospective students. Data science has ensured a lower drop out rate and a higher enrollment ratio.
  4. Aviation
    Most airline service providers are struggling to maintain their operating profits and occupancy ratios. Factors like steadily increasing air fuel prices and heavy discounts has only worsened the situation. However, several airline companies have started to use data science to identity areas where they can improve. With the aid of data science, airline services are able to enjoy a multitude of benefits like predicting flight delay, deciding whether to go direct or identifying the class of airplanes to buy.
  5. Healthcare industry
    Data science is helping doctors diagnose patients more accurately and quickly. Making faster healthcare decisions plays an important role in savings lives and data science is helping with that. Healthcare providers are also taking the help of data science to predict patient admission rates. Data science has helped to prevent potential health problems with applications and wearables that can monitor patients. It has also been creating waves in the progress of pharmaceutical research, when it comes to developing a cure. Data science is used to develop cures based on machine learning algorithms.

Data science has already stated transforming the global business landscape, and it will do so in a much wider aspect in the future. Does your business belong to any of the above industries? If yes, what you may need right away is data science. The best time to step into the field of data science is now. We, at Outsource2india can assist you with our customized data science services. Find out more about outsourcing data science services and give your business an advantage.

Did you like reading this post? Did you find the information useful? Do you have more questions about outsourcing data science? Let us know your queries in the comments box below and we will be happy to respond to you. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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