Does Your Company Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Does your organization have a solid Disaster Recovery (DR) plan that can help you quickly and seamlessly retrieve lost data in the case of unpredictable disasters? If not, then what you require is a full-proof disaster recovery plan that can offer security against natural as well as systemic ones (large scale system failure or accidental deletion of important data).

Armed with a business continuity plan, your company can respond to any disaster in a calm and systematic manner, knowing that your software, hardware, data and systems would be up and running in no time. Your organization will also not have to lose its reputation. But if your company does not know how to go about creating the right disaster recovery plan, then it is best outsourced to a professional DR services company.

All you would have to do is get in touch with an experienced disaster recovery service provider and state your business requirements as well as the business environment in which you function. Based on this, your disaster recovery service provider in India can come up with the right business continuity plan that is in perfect sync with your exact needs.

Why you need a disaster recovery plan

With a full-proof disaster recovery plan, you can be assured of the following, even in the event of a disaster:

  1. Protection against possible threats
  2. Minimized operational losses and disruption in the case of disasters
  3. Efficient management of the recovery process in a fast, effective and organized manner
  4. Proficient processes to quickly restore the confidence of your customers, investors and stakeholders
  5. Professional management of your brand image and your reputation even in the face of disasters

Outsourcing disaster recovery is more beneficial than an in-house DR plan

A recent IDC study stated that companies that come up with an in-house DR site spend 35% more that companies who choose to outsource disaster recovery services to India. Outsourcing business continuity services is not just affordable but can also give you access to an efficient and technologically superior DR solution.

By outsourcing, you can make huge savings in terms of storage costs and upfront technology. Your ongoing expenditure would also be relatively less. Apart from this, India can give you access to state-of-the art data center facilities with the latest enterprise technology and power and cooling facilities. Here are some of ways in which you can benefit by outsourcing disaster recovery services:

  • Save on cost of hardware, software and the recovery infrastructure required for an in-house disaster recovery plan
  • Eliminate the ongoing costs required for software, hardware and upgrades
  • Free up your internal resources and use them for revenue generating activities, instead of disaster recovery
  • Outsourcing disaster recovery can help you streamline your operations and thereby improve your overall operational efficiency
  • In the event of a disaster or outage, you can have a DR plan that promises faster recovery time, minimized downtime and better services
  • Get access to best practice disaster recovery methodologies and processes at no extra cost

Don’t wait any longer to give your company the protection it deserves. Get in touch with us at Outsource2india and we will provide you with a customized and flexible disaster recovery plan that suits your unique requirements.

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