Does Your Enterprise Need Cognitive Process Automation?

Do you want to know more about cognitive automation? Are you curious about how cognitive process automation can help your business? Have you wondered if your business required cognitive process automation services? If yes, keep reading this blog post.

Software bringing intelligence to an information-intensive process is known as cognitive automation. Through the use of artificial intelligence technologies, cognitive automation improves and extends the range of actions that correlate with robotic process automation (RPA).

For enterprises cognitive automation can bring in more than just cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction. Not only can organizations see an improvement in the accuracy of complex business processes that use unstructured information, they will also be able to make their businesses more efficient and smarter.

Keep in mind that cognitive process automation is not machine learning. It is much more than that. Varied algorithms and technology approaches like data mining, language processing, machine learning, text analysis and semantic technology are used in cognitive process automation.

Understanding cognitive process automation

Cognitive automation is a subset of artificial intelligence technologies (AI) that can mimic human behavior. Cognitive technologies have the capability to automate perpetual and judgment-based business tasks that were only reserved for humans. In cognitive process automation, specific AI techniques are used to mimic the way the human brain works and can assist humans in completing tasks, making decisions or in meeting goals.

Differing from other types of AI, cognitive automation can imitate the way humans think and hence use technologies like image processing pattern recognition, and contextual analyses to offer perceptions, judgments and intuitive leaps.

Cognitive process automation works by taking unstructured data and using that to build relationships and develop tags, indices, annotations and other such meta data. Next, cognitive automation can find similarities between business processes like PO numbers, assets, invoices and liabilities to name a few.

How can cognitive automation help your enterprise?

With cognitive process automation, unstructured information like customer interactions can be quickly evaluated, processed and structured into data, which is useful for the next step in the process (predictive analysis, for instance).

As cognitive automation involves the integration of varied AI features along with RPA, enterprises can now use cognitive process automation to automate more processes. This helps to not only make the most of structured data, but also to make sense of unstructured data.

Cognitive process automation can help your enterprise develop new efficiencies and accelerate the quality of your business at the same time. More and more global enterprises are now using cognitive automation at the core of their business transformation strategies. This has increased the need for even more smart tools and advanced capabilities in cognitive automation.

What are the benefits of cognitive process automation?

Today’s businesses face several challenges like the inability to stay competitive, decrease in efficiency, uninformed decision making, poor customer loyalty and compliance issues. If your enterprise is facing such hurdles, opting for cognitive process automation can definitely make things better.

Cognitive process automation has been proven to be efficient in addressing such key problems, as it can support your enterprise by optimizing not just your day-to-day activities, but your entire business. Research has shown that cognitive process automation services can bring in more than 50% cost savings for FTE activities and over 60% cost reductions for quote processing, email management etc.

Since cognitive process automation solutions are pre-trained to automate explicit business processes, they require less data. They do not need assistance from data scientists or IT professionals to build elaborate models. Cognitive process automation can be easily used by business users and become operational in a few weeks time.

Other amazing benefits include improvements in compliance, overall improvements in business quality, minimized turnaround time, greater operational scalability and low error rates. All of these advantages can have a positive impact on your business, while accelerating your business flexibility and efficiency of employees.

Get started with cognitive automation

At Outsource2india, we can help you get started with cognitive process automation services. Whether your business wants to extract data/insights, requires help with routine process or needs assistance to build an automation platform, we at Outsource2india can help. Our services can be tailored to fit your exact requirements. We follow a five-step process to give you the best possible solution.

Choosing our services can give you benefits like cost reduction, reduced cycle time, increase in throughput, enhance productivity, efficiency in processes, low transactional errors, high accuracy and improved customer satisfaction. Find out more about our cognitive process automation services.

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