Engineering Services for the Marine and Shipbuilding Industry

Outsourcing engineering services to India can help your marine or building business achieve a faster time-to-market, better productivity and lower overhead costs.

If you are involved in the marine and shipbuilding business, then you must be aware of the trouble that shipyards face when it comes to completing their orders on time. In fact, getting ahead of the cycle time is one of the biggest hurdles that shipyards have to overcome.  While customer demands are becoming tougher, the marine industry has to provide quality products within shorter time spans and at an affordable price in order to stay competitive.

Outsourcing can come to the rescue of your business. Outsourcing to India can help you reduce cost, complete orders on time and minimize the cycle time for production and detailing drawings. You can avail engineering services at every stage of the lifecycle of a ship, be it for basic/ detail design, analysis of marine structures or even training programs. Through outsourcing, you can achieve faster time-to-market, better productivity and lower costs.

Why outsource?

There is more than just one reason, why your marine or shipbuilding company should outsource:

  • Achieve a faster time-to-market
  • Benefit from better productivity
  • Enjoy lower overhead costs
  • Focus more on core business activities
  • Get access to the engineering skills of experts
  • Easily ramp up or down your requirements
  • Benefit from greater flexibility

Specialized Engineering services for shipyards, designers and manufactures

At Outsource2india, we offer customized services for manufactures, designers and shipyards: Our services include:

For Shipyards

You can avail any of the following engineering services for your shipyard:

  • Assistance in basic design
  • Paper to CAD drawing and migration services
  • Complete 3D production drawings for piping design, electrical design, cabin, outfit, steel etc
  • ERP implementation and maintenance support
  • Flexible interfacing between varied CAD/CAM tools and interfaces between CAD/CAM output and CNC machines
  • Manual preparations
  • Drilling rigs, production facilities design and other such offshore structures
  • Analytical services like FEM capabilities, structural investigations, vibration analysis and integration of computational fluid dynamics

For designers

If your company is involved in the designing of ships, you can take your pick from any of the following services

  • Coming up with a basic design, costing and tender specifications
  • Drawing conversion and migration services for changing market demands.
  • Software development and customization
  • Cable routing, cabling and electrical design
  • ERP implementation and maintenance support
  • Piping design and pipe routing
  • Analytical services for computational fluid dynamics, FEM / structural investigations and vibration analysis
  • Production drawings
  • coordination and planning of model tests
  • Detailing of steel and outfit

For manufacturers

If you are a manufacture, you can choose from the following:

  • CBT (Computer based training) and e-learning programs
  • Drawing conversions
  • Isometrics drawings
  • ERP implementation and maintenance support
  • cataloguing of Operating / maintenance manuals
  • Production drawings
  • Product development for propulsion and auxiliary from systems
  • Simulation and animation programs
  • Analytical services for FEM, structural investigations and thermal/vibration analysis

Outsource now!

Try out our outsourcing services today and give your shipbuilding business a head start. Read more about our engineering services to get started.

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