Ensuring Complete Security While Outsourcing

The first step to outsourcing securely is to fully understand what you are outsourcing. Before you outsource, evaluate your in-house policies and regulations. This will help you in deciding the level of risk management that you need to take on before you begin to outsource. Keep in mind the risks involved in data handling, because if your outsourcing partner loses any information or data, you will be affected and not your outsourcing partner.

When outsourcing, choose a country who can met you needs. After deciding on outsourcing to a particular country, do some research on disaster risks, such as earthquake, flood etc. Also check on the country’s rules, conformity controls and economic/ political/ financial stability of the country.

The other important factors to check with your outsourcing partner are whether regular training is involved, the experience and skill sets of the employees, the level of security and confidentiality, infrastructure and your outsourcing partner’s rules and regulations.

Data Security is another factor which must be checked for before you begin the outsourcing process. Make certain that your outsourcing partner has systems in place to ensure data security. Also check your partner’s procedures, software, technologies and project life-cycles.

Finally, sign service level agreements (SLA) and clearly define procedures before outsourcing. Ask your partner for transparency and make sure that you conduct regular reviews throughout the life-cycle of the project. This would ensure total data security.

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