Error-Free B3 Form Filling in Five Key Steps

Find out more about the five steps involved in the B3 form filling process

If you have to transport goods between the US and Canada, then what you need is a B3 form. However, inaccuracies in the processing of a B3 form can cause obstructions in the supply chain and impend on the delivery time. Outsourcing is a great way to cut back on turnaround time, increase the level of accuracy in processing and complete the processing of large volumes of transactions. Overall, with the outsourcing of B3 form filling, you can witness rapid improvement in your supply chain.

1.Document scanning

A customs brokerage service provider, begins the B3 form building process by scanning all the documents related to the shipment and converting them into images. Next, the documents for each shipment is assigned with a unique docket number and then uploaded on a secure server for data entry. Sometimes, the scanned documents are directly sent to the service provider via fax/email.

2. Indexing and sorting

With an index, data can be retrieved quickly from a database. In the next phase, an indexing file is created that includes rows in a logical order, so that duplicate values are removed. The items are also sorted in a specific order, by state or city. With indexing and sorting, you can benefit from quick document retrieval. Information can also be looked up within seconds. At the close of this phase, the shipment documents are indexed and sorted.

3. Verifications of documents

During the stage of verification, scanned invoices and documents are selected based on priority or shipment value. The invoice pertaining to a particular shipment will be verified before the data entry process starts. Special attention will be given to validate CADEX notes, since more than 97% of commercial entry documents are processed by the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency).

4. B3 form data entry

Data entry into the B3 form commences, by carefully choosing the information from multiple documents. Appropriate values are calculated and entered into the B3 form. Data elements such as country of export, country of origin, purchase order and date of direct shipment are entered. Customs duty, discounts and insurance details are also entered into the B3 form.

5. Quality assurance

Quality assurance is carried out to make sure that no errors enter into the B3 form. Every entry in the B3 form is reviewed to spot any unaccounted variables or omissions. A completed B3 form is submitted only after the details are verified by a QA expert. Quality assurance is very important, as an error in the entered data can lead to a shipment being held back at the border.

B3 forms have to be accurate to ensure the seamless transportation of goods between the borders. Special attention has to be given to the tariff classification, value and tariff treatment, as errors can trigger stringent penalties. Why not outsource B3 form filling to Outsource2india? Our team of experts can make sure that your B3 form is accurate. With error-free B3 forms, your shipment of goods will get ahead of customs without any time delay.

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