FAQs on Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Are you planning on outsourcing data entry services? If yes, you may have questions on the process, the turnaround time, the means of communication or the cost.  Get all your questions answered by reading the following popular FAQs on outsourcing data entry.

1. What is the preferred means of communication used in data entry outsourcing?
Encrypted email can be a convenient means to communicate between both parties; however, you can also use Live Chat, Phone Calls or Fax messages to regularly communicate with your data entry service provider.

2. Will I be given a disk copy of the completed data entry work?
Most data entry service providers in India will send you the completed data entry work by uploading it on a secure FTP or via encrypted email. They will also send you a disk copy of the data entry.

3. Is there a limit on the number of projects that I can outsource?
No. There is absolutely no limit on the number of data entry projects that you can outsource to India.

4. Is the pricing structure gauged by the project or by the hour?
The pricing structure for data entry projects will vary from service provider to service provider and may alter according to the type of data entry project required.

5. Do I have to provide remote or in-person training?
This will depend on the project. For short or less-involved data entry projects, you can carry out training sessions over the phone or through teleconferences. For more detailed or longer data entry projects, you can plan to personally meet up with the service provider and give explicit instructions. 

6. What is the minimum turnaround time? Will small data entry jobs be completed quickly?
The turnaround time will depend on the team strength of the service provider and the nature of the data entry project. Most data entry service providers in India will be able to complete small data entry jobs within a few hours (3 to 9) or within a day.

7. How will I know if the service provider’s workers are giving their 100%?
Date entry service providers in India follow the practice of recording and reporting the work completed on a day-to-day basis. You can view the reports of the on-going work on your data entry project.

8. What will happen to my data/documents after the data entry assignment is completed?
Hard copies, books, etc will either be sent back to you or completely destroyed. The processed data will be stored in back-up files, until you need the data.

9. Will I be provided with a free sample, pilot or trial?
Most data entry service providers in India offer a free, no-risk trial. The free pilot project can give you an example of the quality of work that you can expect. You can also come up with a competitive quote by opting for a free trial.

10. What will be the cost of on-going data entry?
Some types of data entry will require keeping the entries up-to-date. You can ask your service provider to allocate data entry professionals to your project on a daily basis and opt for a month-to-month fee. You will have the freedom to decide how many professionals you would like to work on your project and for how long.

11. How will the data get entered?
This largely depends on the customer’s requirement. Data entry service providers will tell you that if the image is clear, then it can be easily scanned and the information can be accurately digitized. At times, the information can also be directly keyed in from a hard copy.

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