Five benefits of Using Legal Transcripts

If your law firm is still using audio/video recordings in your legal proceedings, it is time for a change. Switching over to legal transcripts can benefit your attorneys in more than one way. Read this blog post to find out more.

Transcriptions of legal proceedings from an audio format into a typed format are known as legal transcriptions. Transcription can help law firms by offering them with a verbatim recording of jury decisions or witness testimonies that are accurate. The most popular form of legal transcription is courtroom proceedings, followed by transcriptions of legal briefs, depositions, wiretaps, conference calls, interrogations or jury instructions. Very often legal transcriptions have to be created from audio/video footage.

Legal transcriptions are more than just a text version of a speech. They are needed to maintain a precise record of what was said in the court or to keep a track of legal proceedings. Lawyers or legal professionals can use legal transcriptions to create a plan for appeals, develop a trial plan, understand the jury’s decision, decide on which questions to ask a witness or to study past cases. In some cases, the transcripts themselves are used as evidence.

If you are still not convinced if your law firm should opt for transcription, here are some benefits that can be only leveraged with legal transcription.

  1. An ideal format that attorneys can use
    The format that a legal transcript follows is ideal for an attorney. Speaker identification and timestamps help lawyers keep a track of the timeline of events and the flow of information. This is important when it comes to developing a case or spotting inconsistencies in a testimony. With a transcript in hand, attorneys will be able to easily present a video/audio recording as evidence in the court. Since everyone in the jury will get the same information from the evidence, the risk of misinterpretation will be reduced.
  2. Important parts of the evidence can be highlighted
    A typed legal transcript is superior to an audio file as important parts of the document can be highlighted and notes can be made. This can help attorneys formulate questions or keep a track of the most important facts in a case. It also becomes easier to find the information as and when needed.
  3. Easier access to information
    When compared to an audio recording, a legal transcript can be found more easily. Notes can be taken within the transcript and timestamps can be included. Since the legal transcript is digital, it can be stored across several devices, even using different file formats. Lawyers and attorneys can quickly pull out the transcript from their database or computer as and when required and easily share them with their fellow attorneys or judges. The best part of using a legal transcript is that there is no need for headphones, speakers etc. as would be the case when using a video/audio recording.
  4. Increased clarity for attorneys
    With trained and professional transcribers doing the transcription, lawyers will have better clarity when it comes to having a legal transcript in hand. With an accurate version of events and testimonies, attorneys will be better prepared for their case. This is especially true when it comes to complicated cases where there are conflicting police reports or several witnesses. The legal transcript can give the attorney an overall view of the information and the evidence.
  5. Better organization
    Once you start transcribing, you will find organization becoming much easier. Your legal transcripts can be easily stored and organized based on the needs of your practice. Transcripts of proceedings can be quickly located and the information can be retrieved without any hassles. With your law office being more streamlined and organized, you and your attorneys will be able to focus on other important tasks. Opting for transcription is also a great way for your firm to go paperless.

Legal transcription sounds like a simple process, especially with all the speech-to-text software that is available online. While using such a process can be inexpensive, sometimes even free, you may be left with error-filled transcripts. This is where professional transcription services can help.

If your law firm is looking for professional transcription services, we at Outsource2india can help. Our team of transcribers at Outsource2india is extensively trained before they start transcribing. We have a three-tier quality check to ensure that each transcript is 99.9 % error-free. We work round-the-clock and can deliver your transcripts even within 12 hours or less! Find out how you can tap into the above benefits by partnering with us for legal transcription services.

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