Five Data Entry Services and their Benefits

Find out about five popularly outsourced data entry services and the benefits that come with outsourcing.

Do you want to make informed business decisions, maximize operational efficiency and save on your budget? If yes, what you need are data entry services. Not only can you save a whopping 50% on costs, but also increase your overall profits at the same time. Your data can now serve you when you and where you need it through outsourcing.

  1. Offline data entry services

    Offline data entry services include data collection, URL listing, form filling, data capturing, form processing, word document entry, excel sheet filling, form processing, entry of insurance claims, data entry from image files, business card entry and data entry from one format to another. Outsourcing offline data entry services can help you quickly convert data into information, drastically improve efficiency, make sense out volumes of data and reduce cost.

  2. Online data entry services

    Online data entry of catalogs, images, databases and eBooks is one of the most outsourced services today. Do you want to save on your productive time, focus on core business ventures, benefit from accuracy and save on cost, time and effort? If yes, then online data entry services is for you.

  3. Directory services

    With directory services, you can target specific industries and explore their roles in the industry. You could also access portfolios and easily contact top level management to market your services. Outsourcing directory services can give you access to company addresses, designations, emails and contact numbers. Directory services can help you keep a track of vital information about companies. You can transform large volumes of data into streamlined information.

  4. Image data entry services

    Image data entry includes scanning of images and data entry into spreadsheets, databases, catalogs, books, legal documents etc. Data entry can also be made from hand written cards. By outsourcing image data entry you can keep a track of the vital information of your company, streamline data and view accurate data in real-time.

  5. E-book data entry services

    Digitization of hard-copies of a book, images and picture is known as e-book data entry services. Proofreading, scanning, OCR and formatting are some of the other facets of e-book data entry services. Through e-book data entry you can enhance the visibility of your content, enable more users to access your books and focus more on core business areas. With proofreading you can ensure that your e-books are free from errors.

  6. Effective data entry is critical to the success of your business. Precisely entered data can give you an advantage during decision making. If data entry is performed in-house, it can be both tedious and time consuming, leaving you with no time for your core business. Why not try outsourcing data entry services? Find out more about data entry services.

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