5 Database Selling Services for Every Enterprise

Are you struggling with a database that is incomplete, obsolete or filled with errors? Is your database stopping you from reaching out to prospective customers? Read this blog post to find out five database selling services that can you can use right away.

Database selling is a type of direct marketing that makes uses of generated customer databases and is used for the promotion of a product or service. With database selling services, your enterprise can help you update and match your database with the email addresses of prospective customers.

When you outsource database selling services, your database will be analysed, cleansed, verified for errors and then carefully structured. The database will go through several levels of quality checks before it is finally used. The database, when ready to be used will include all the required details like name, email address, contact number, business-related data and the transaction history of prospective clients.

Outsourcing database selling can put you in touch with an expert team who can gather your data, validate it and compile it into the required format. When you match email addresses to your direct mail list, you can not only accelerate your marketing campaigns, but also increase brand image, obtain accurate client statistics, reduce spam reports and benefit from a high-quality database.

Here are a five database selling services that your enterprise can outsource:

  1. Email appending

    Do you want to reduce the cost per contact, while ensuring a better reach to customers? With email appending services, you can get a match rate of 60%. Not only that, the value of your marketing database can be drastically improved.

  2. Custom list building

    When you outsource, you can get access to a customized list, which is regularly updated and built as per your exact requirements. You can avail quick access to a contact list filled with high-profile and genuine contacts, whom you can immediately contact.

  3. Data appending

    Is your database filled with incomplete data like missing contact numbers or email addresses? With data appending services, you can not only obtain missing contact details, but also get a better understanding of your clients. This information can help you market your products/services more effectively.

  4. Data validation

    A marketing list, if not regularly updated cannot be relied upon. With constant relocations, attritions and switchovers a prospect list can very quickly become irrelevant. Through outsourcing, you can opt for automatic as well as manual validation for your files, making sure that your contacts are regularly updated.

  5. Email database management

    If you have a large amount of email addresses, that need maintenance and validation, then this service is for you. With a team of experts managing and maintaining the accuracy of your email list, you can be sure of using the right data every time.

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