5 Expert Tips for Outsourcing Business Translation

Here are some helpful tips to help your enterprise achieve the best results when outsourcing business translation services.

Are you new to translation? Then it is time for some quick tips. If you want to get the best out of your translation, make sure to carefully plan your translation project in advance, so that you can achieve the best results. Let’s find out how to achieve optimum results for your business translation:

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  1. Find a translation service provider well in advance

    As with any business transaction, leaving things till the last second can bring out an increase in stress and cost, with lower quality of work. Take some time out to search for the best translation service provider, by reading reviews, asking for samples, viewing their track record and taking recommendations from your peers. This way, when you begin your business translation project, you will readily have a service provider in place that you are confident to work with.

  2. Chart out your translation schedule in advance

    Have you just sent out one document to be translated and then realized that you will require further translations? To avoid last minute panics or additional expenses, make sure to plan out your translation requirements in advance. For instance, if you were to get translations for the contracts of staff working overseas, you may also require translations for their procedure and policy documents, apart from appraisal forms or leave of absence documents. With your translation requirements planned out, you can avail translations in an orderly fashion, without having to incur additional charges.

  3. Completely avoid machine translation

    If you require business translation of good quality, you will have to completely avoid machine translation. The ability of the human brain to translate text from one language to another still exceeds the capabilities of the computer. When you translate a document by a machine, it will clearly show. The poor quality of machine translation can have a negative effect on your business.

  4. Define your style

    Your translation service provider can complete your translations more effectively, if you clearly define your style. Are your communications formal or informal? Are you particular about using certain words, like “client” instead of “customer”? Understanding things like this can help your translator to make fast decisions, when there is a choice of more than one suitable word during the process of translation.

  5. Consider localization

    Before you ask a translation service provider to commence translation, consider if you need localization. With localization, you company can save any possible damage to your reputation, by avoiding embarrassing mistakes with the literal translation of some phrases. You can avoid causing any offences of unintended humor with the help of localization.

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