Five Signs your Business is ready to Start Outsourcing to India

It is a well established fact that outsourcing is the best, easiest and most affordable way to get more work done within a short time period and with guaranteed quality. But most businesses are not sure if they are ready for outsourcing. Is your business on the verge of deciding about outsourcing? Here are five signs that indicate your business should give outsourcing a serious thought.

1. Are your employees facing a time crunch?

Is the work environment at your office always hectic and rushed, leaving little room for creativity and innovation? With your staff always trying to meet deadlines, they may be unable to be productive or come up with new ideas. Have a look at all that your current employees are handling and see if some of the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks can be outsourced. This way, your in-house employees will be able to use their valuable time on higher-end operations like marketing or planning.

2. Do you follow clear and streamlined procedures/ policies?

Most outsourcing ventures fall out because of unclear instructions and difficult procedures. If your company follows a clear set of policies or processes, then you can easily outsource to an overseas partner and hand them your policies. This way, your outsourcing partner can do your work in the same manner. However, if your policies are written for university-educated American employees, then you may want to streamline them and make them easily understandable for Indians who use English as a second language.

3. Have you segmented your business operations?

If you are running your business on your own or with a small group of people, then it may be hard to outsource work overseas. But if you have already segmented your company’s operations into several smaller departments, then outsourcing can be easy for you. For example, you have hired a professional accountant to manage your bookkeeping. He is great at managing your books, but he is expensive. Now, you can outsource your bookkeeping processes to India, where you can get quality bookkeeping at a fraction of the current cost that you are paying.

4. You need help temporarily?

Does your business require temporary employees, either for technical issues or during a seasonal rush? If yes, then it does not make sense to hire new full-time employees and lay them off later on, after the completion of your work. Instead of posting ads in the local classifieds or getting the help of an agency, you can simply outsource your work to India. Not only will outsourcing be fast and affordable, it will also give you access to quality services.

5. You are willing to help your outsourcing partner understand your work?

Contrary to what many people think, outsourcing is not as simple as emailing over a set of instructions. Outsourcing work overseas is similar to managing an in-house staff member. You should be willing to answer questions, provide feedback and check if they are doing the work you have asked them to, until they get a hang of your work. If you are prepared to help your partner, then you can go ahead and try outsourcing.

With these five signs, you can analyse if your business is ready for outsourcing.

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