Five Tips for Real Estate Image Editing

There are a lot of different methods of post-processing of real estate images by which your property images can look a lot better. When used in conjunction, they can really work wonders on your pictures. In addition, real estate image editing can cause more people to come out and see a home or put offers in on it, because they will have a stronger first impression based upon the images that you showed them. This is part of the reason that real estate image editing is so popular in the industry. Here are a few tips on how you can use real estate image editing to boost your conversions:

  1. Tap Into Emotions – Try to make people think about pleasant, exciting thoughts when they look at the images you’ve selected and edited for a property. Take pictures of fun features, such as pools or decks. Brighten them up with some real estate image editing so that they remind people of a fun time on a sunny day. Good real estate image editing will make bright colors appear brighter while also adding some sharpness and contrast.
  2. Think Outside-the-Box – You may want to take some pictures that are a bit different than what the competition is doing. Frame your shots differently and apply real estate image editing techniques a bit differently. Add in some interesting camera angles and show the home in unique ways. It could make your listings stand out.
  3. Validate the Listing – Don’t just write that a home has a brand new kitchen, show it. Make sure that you back up the words in the listing with images that speak to some of the key things that you mentioned. This will enhance the trust your potential buyers have for the listing.
  4. Focus on the Potential Buyer – Don’t work too hard to promote yourself or oversell the property. Remember that the buyers are focused on themselves, so you need to focus on what they want. Try to imagine what their needs and desires are and then show them what they are looking for and what they are wondering about. It is a good idea to photograph every room of the house, apply some basic real estate image editing and include it with the listing. This way, you’ll be answering every potential question that your prospective homebuyers have.
  5. Start the Process before Snapping the Photos – While a lot can be done in real estate image editing to bring the best a photo out, the editor can’t work a literal miracle. In other words, the home should be cleaned up and furniture should be arranged in ways that make the rooms look bigger. In addition, photos should be taken from locations that make the room look bigger. Don’t take a picture from the middle of a room, always shoot from a corner so that you are capturing as much of the room as possible.
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