Four Steps to Using Web Analytics the Right Way

Web analytics can help you understand your audience, find out how your site is performing and even help you out beat your competitors. Here are 4 steps to using web analytics the right way.

Most online businesses are faced with this question – Should I use Web Analytics? And the answer, most of the time is “Yes”. Using Web Analytics for your website is like getting an x-ray done to find out if there is any unknown damage that can weaken your site’s structure and cause further problems. By analyzing data gathered through web analytics, you can accurately pinpoint your finger on what needs to be broken or fixed and even find out the best method to tackle the problem.

Web analytics is a collection of data about server performance, traffic, user behavior and transactions on your website, that is collected in real time, as and when a visitor arrives at your website and navigates around it. Through an extensive compilation, organization and evaluation of this data, you can glean a lot of important information and enhance the online experience of your users.

The only drawback with web analytics is that you can be overwhelmed by the magnitude of data. But instead of standing under a waterfall of data, you can now use the following four steps to make the best use of web analytics and get the maximum value from it.

1. Identify the purpose of your website

Every business has a purpose and there are outcomes and key objectives to achieve your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The purpose of your website may not be only for purchases or sales. Your site’s purpose might be to help a customer sign up for a newsletter, get a visitor to download a white paper or a fill up a lead form. Make sure to list down all the purposes of your website, before you start on web analytics.

2. Think of a way to measure your KPIs

Identifying your Key Performance Indicators is important, but you will also need to find out a way to measure them. Otherwise your business will not know when you have reached your goals.

3. Create a desired flow through your website

How do you want your visitors to navigate through your website, so that you can achieve your KPIs? Develop a desired flow through your website and check if it makes sense. Next, test this out by using web analytics and goal funnels to evaluate your results and find out if what is happening is what you want to take place on your site.

4. Optimize your site

By using the data provided by web analytics, along with tools like Google Website Optimizer, you can keep making tweaks and changes to optimize the factors in your website.

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By effectively using web analytics for individual sections of your website, you can reap rich rewards for your business. Web analytics has never been more important for the growth of an online business. If you have not been using web analytics to monitor your site’s performance, you need to rethink your business strategies. ‘

It’s time your business used web analytics to gain a better insight on your business performance and improve things before your competition does. Find out more about the web analytics services offered by Outsource2india.

Which is your favorite web analytics tool? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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