Four Tips to Create Awesome Real Estate Video Tours

More and more real estate agents and professionals are devoting time to learning how to make really impressive video tours, because it is becoming such an important part of online listings. With the prevalence of the Internet in homebuyers’ searches for the right property, it is obvious that online listings are here to stay. That means that the next step is delivering the best online listings that can drive a lot of people to open houses and lead to more offers on the home for a greater amount of money.

With that in mind, here are four tips that can be used on a specific project or in general as a real estate professional trying to keep a strong presence with real estate video tours.

  1. Plan Well – Before you begin shooting, you should know the general concept of the video, where you’ll be setting up different shots and what will be said. The video should be scripted and the reading of the script should be practiced. Everything works together, so plan it accordingly.
  2. Create Quality Video – Make sure that there is adequate lighting, which sometimes means using lighting kids to add some light to a room or maybe getting a perspective correction done. Keep the video steady, use a good HD camera and reshoot anything that does not turn out as good as you would like.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Edit – You should make sure that you edit any mistakes with the audio, and be willing to re-voice sections that don’t turn out as good as you would like. Edit the sections that are shaky with regard to the camerawork and try to make sure that your edits are as smooth as possible and spaced out every five to 10 seconds. If you hold a steady shot for more than seven or eight seconds without any panning or movement, it could become boring for the viewer.
  4. Post Plenty of Videos – As a real estate professional, if you want to develop a strong reputation for using real estate video tours and maintaining a strong presence on social media and video channels, keep the content coming. The more content you have out there, the more ways potential buyers have to stumble onto listings for homes that you are selling. For example, if you create videos with advice for buyers, this can get people onto your channel, which also includes video tours. By appealing to the homebuyer, you will be doing a service to the seller by giving more people the chance to see their listing and their video tour.

It’s not a bad idea to make a sample real estate video tour using some of the tips above just to gauge the quality of video that you can produce. Don’t be surprised if you find that it does not compare favorably to the work of a professional. This is why more and more real estate agents favor post processing of real estate images and work with videographers and video editors to make the best real estate video tours possible.

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