The Future of Digital Marketing: What’s New in 2022?

Read this blog post to find out about the upcoming digital marketing trends predicted for 2022 and how your enterprise can come up with a successful digital marketing approach.

Over the last couple of years, the world of digital marketing has witnessed a plethora of changes. From advanced marketing technologies to the rise of social media and the emergence of influencer marketing, the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. This changing landscape has made digital marketers wonder how digital marketing will change in 2022.

With the coming of new regulatory changes, novel business models, and advanced applications, an effective digital marketing plan should be able to interact with customers post the COVID pandemic, while tapping into the power of the latest digital marketing technology. What are some of the trends that the world of digital marketing will witness in 2022? Let us explore some of the upcoming trends that are all set to make an impact in the future of digital marketing.

  • The surge in artificial intelligence
    Enterprises from industries like retail, healthcare, and banking have already started using artificial intelligence (AI) in their marketing efforts and so will digital marketers in 2022. Artificial intelligence will be used to automate daily tasks like suggesting keywords that will improve search results and for reporting website traffic. In 2022, AI would be used to predict what customers would buy in the future based on their browsing and buying history. To make the most of AI in 2022, try to use artificial intelligence along with SEO and all your other digital marketing strategies.
  • Effective content marketing
    When it comes to content marketing, you would need to align key areas like your SEO, PR, and leadership in 2022. This will work together to boost your visibility, authority, and credibility. Let us take the content on your website. First, get a solid base of authority on varied topics and then add in PR to achieve credibility, when others mention or quote your content. To make the most of your content, ensure that people are linking back to your content under specific topics that you created.
  • Influencer marketing powered by AI
    The influencer market, which is valued at $9.7 billion in 2020, is all set to grow to $15 million in 2022. Digital marketers will be spending more on influencer content in 2022 when compared to 2021. Artificial intelligence will be adopted in everything, right from influencer identification to performance influencer marketing. AI will be used to evaluate the billions of influencer videos more efficiently and quickly than a human would. With this new AI-powered model, enterprises will only have to pay for actual conversions that influencers create. This makes the amount spent on digital marketing more effective while increasing your ROI in the long run.
  • Finding alternatives for third-party cookies
    Today’s consumers are now demanding more privacy protection and control over their data. With Google phasing out their support for third-party cookies, digital marketers have to now increase their efforts to collate and manipulate first-party data. You can opt for tools like FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) or Privacy Sandbox by Google to include consumer targeting and personalization without intruding upon user privacy. To make your marketing plan successful in 2022, you would need to pay more attention to surveys, CRM tools, and interactive content.
  • Opt for hybrid business events
    During the COVID pandemic, virtual events overtook physical events wherein enterprises engaged with customers and leads. In 2022, digital marketers will be faced with a choice of keeping events only within a physical location or opting for a virtual event. The right answer would be to opt for a hybrid approach. When you are lining up events for 2022, ensure that your live events are using technologies like AR and VR, to offer an immersive experience for customers who wish to digitally attend your business events.
  • The use of the chatbot
    Apart from AI, there is something else that you need to do to use in 2022. That is the extremely popular virtual assistant or chatbot. A chatbot can address consumer concerns without your intervention. It can also increase customer interactions and offer a more enjoyable and personalized experience for customers. The market value of voice-enabled shopping is likely to reach $40 billion in 2022. The use of voice assistants by consumers is also set to grow by 18%. In 2022, you would have to invest in a chatbot to automate your customer service needs, address email marketing and handle queries on social media channels.
  • Choosing mobile-friendly marketing
    With users spending a significant amount of time on their smartphones and tablets, instead of desktops to browse products/services, it is time to pay more attention to mobile marketing. In 2022, your business would need to create mobile-friendly content that would come up on search engines. Your website’s design would also have to be adapted for smaller screens. Turning your content into AMP (accelerated mobile pages) can also help your pages load faster on tablets and smartphones.

Post the pandemic; the landscape for digital marketers has changed immensely. In 2022, digital marketers have to be more agile, gather data more efficiently, and increase their focus to stay competitive. At Outsource2india, we offer customized digital marketing solutions by combining the best of marketing tools and the latest in technology, while keeping in mind the user experience of your customers.

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Did you like reading this post? Which of these trends would your business need to implement right now to make the most of digital marketing in 2022? Let us know in the comments below. We, at Outsource2india, love to hear from you!

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