Get your Focus Back on Patient Care by Outsourcing Medical Data Entry

Does your hospital constantly juggle between providing quality healthcare and attending to day-to-day operations like medical data entry? If your answer is a yes, then it is time you give your healthcare staff a break and think about outsourcing a non-core activity like medical data entry. If your hospital / healthcare center is currently facing any of the following scenarios, then it’s time to put your medical data entry requirements into the hands of a professional:

  1. You and your staff find it challenging to deal with a day-to-day process like data entry, while providing quality healthcare services
  2. Your patients are not getting the attention and care that they deserve, as your staff is overburdened
  3. You do not have access to the technology, infrastructure and resources needed for fast and accurate medical data entry
  4. You want to focus on healthcare, but the pressure of data entry is robbing you of precious time and effort.

A mundane process like data entry can rob your internal staff of their time and energy, thereby preventing them from focusing on patient care. Moreover, outsourcing medical data entry can help you reduce the cost of labor and also eliminate the need to invest on expensive data entry software.

Types of medical data entry services that your hospital can outsource

Did you know that almost any type of medical data entry service can be outsourced? Whether your hospital requires data entry for SOAP notes, prescriptions, patient records, labor notes, operative reports or hospital records, you can get access to fast and accurate medical data entry services by outsourcing. Here is an extensive list of all the types of medical data entry services that you can outsource:

  • Hospital and healthcare Records
  • SOAP notes
  • Patient records, patient history and information
  • Medical billing data
  • Lab data
  • Medication reports
  • Autopsy report
  • Medical files and documents
  • Discharge summaries
  • Clinical records
  • Pathology reports
  • Radiology report
  • Labor notes
  • Operative reports
  • Medical insurance forms
  • Medical lab results
  • Prescription records
  • Patient progress notes
  • Emergency room notes

5 benefits of outsourcing medical data entry

Outsourcing can be more advantageous for your hospital, when compared to performing data entry in-house. Here is how your hospital and staff can benefit by outsourcing:

  1. Get all your medical data entry needs completed without any time delays
  2. Be 100% sure of the accuracy of the data and avoid rework
  3. Avail the services of experienced and trained data entry professionals at an affordable cost
  4. Focus your time, energy and revenue into healthcare services
  5. Get access to medical data entry services on a 24/7 basis for 365 days in a year

Deliver better healthcare services by outsourcing

While you provide superior healthcare services, you can be assured that experts are accurately handling your data entry requirements. With a trained team of data entry professionals working for your hospital, even a huge volume of data entry can be quickly completed within a short deadline. Outsourcing medical data entry also eliminates the need for your hospital to keep up with the latest data entry software or technology.

The best part of outsourcing is that you can avoid the headache of reviewing or reworking on your data entry. Data entry service providers like Outsource2india follow stringent quality assurance processes to ensure 100% accuracy in the data that is entered.

Has your hospital outsourced medical data entry or medical billing in the past? If yes, how was your outsourcing experience? What do you think is the biggest benefit of outsourcing data entry? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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