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Read what Google Answers has to say about O2I’s services in response to a customer’s search for a good outsource partner. You can also read the whole page here.

I wish to hire employees overseas. My business searches national (USA) databases for potential witnesses in litigation. I currently have 6 employees through a company in India. I am considering shifting my business. I expect my business to grow to 20 – 50 employees.

The employees must speak English and have computers with high speed internet access and Microsoft Word.

I do not care where in the world the employees are located so long as I get a quality product at a good price. Also, I want the wages to be satisfactory for their community (ie, no sweat shop wages).

I would like the names and contact information of a number of companies that can hire and manage quality employees for my business. I would also like to know the cost per employee with each company.

Probably the best fit for your needs is Outsource2India, which makes a convincing case for its expertise in knowledge work. I believe you will be impressed by the amount of detail they offer about how they go about handling this kind of work. It is easy to see why they cannot provide
up-front pricing for such a highly customized process.

Outsource2India: Web Data Extraction and Data Mining Services

Outsource2India: Desk & Web Research Services

Outsource2India: Knowledge Services Enquiry



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