Grab Buyers Attention with Real Estate Image Enhancement

Sometimes it is a good exercise to check out the experience of your target audience in order to figure out how you can best appeal to them and serve them. In the world of real estate image enhancement, this can best be done by visiting a site with real estate listings and browsing them as if you are a potential buyer.

What is one of the first things that you notice about listings? How are you deciding which listings to click and read more about and which ones to skip? If you are like most potential homebuyers, you are deciding based upon the primary photo on each of the listings, which tends to be an exterior shot of the property. Most users scan the entire page at one go, and each thumbnail picture gets only a split of a seconds time. It is the job of the realtor, the homeowners, the real estate photographer and the real estate image editor to grab the attention of the potential buyer in that split second.

Make the Colors Pop

The most important thing that can be done in real estate image enhancement to get the attention of the scanning eye of a potential home buyer is to make the image pop. The goal of the entire process of image enhancement should be to make the colors jump off the screen. There may be a number of different challenges there, in part due to the unpredictability of the weather.

The best thing that can be done to make an exterior shot really jump out is to brighten up the home and its environment. That means making the grass look a little bit greener and making the sky look brighter and an even more attractive blue. When it is cloudy, rainy, snowy or otherwise not a perfect day, Mother Nature’s assistance in this endeavor won’t be coming.

However, the magic of real estate image enhancement can basically simulate a bright, sunny day. The first step is sky replacement, which is a method of taking a photo of a bright, blue sky and replacing the existing sky with that image. This can be done in Photoshop and will make the home look a lot better just by providing the right backdrop.

Brightening Up the Home Itself

The next step is to make the house itself look better, which can be done through adding brightness and sharpness. The key is to make it look better without misrepresenting anything. For example, you wouldn’t want to change any colors all together. You basically want to make the home look as good as it would look on a bright day, with a properly positioned sun.

If you need some assistance with real estate image enhancement, you can work with a professional team that does it every single day. The lessons learned over time make it easier to get that real look in image enhancement, rather than a fake feel. It grabs the attention of the homebuyer without misleading them.

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