Have you considered outsourcing your legal work to India?

If your law firm wants to cut down on costs without compromising on the quality, you can consider outsourcing your legal work to India.  Outsourcing LPO services to Outsource2india can help you save more than 50% on your operating costs.  Apart from this direct cost saving, you can also save on the rising costs of legal resources, infrastructure and technology.

LPO services that can be outsourced to India

Outsource2india is one of India’s leading providers of LPO services. You can outsource any of the following legal services to Outsource2india.

1. Legal research services
The research team at Outsource2india is made up of experienced lawyers who have been trained by U.S / U.K attorneys.  The legal research team can handle any type of research across databases such as Nexis/Lexis and can also handle research in any area or jurisdiction of the law.  You can get expert research services for any type of subject – intellectual property, federal statutes, labor law, entertainment law, rights of publicity etc.

2. Legal drafting services
The lawyers at Outsource2india are specially trained in the U.S and U.K style of legal drafting and citation forms and can expertly draft any type of document such as, briefs, memoranda, discovery requests, petitions, summaries of witness statements, appeal papers, licenses, contracts, employment manuals etc.

3. Legal document review and management
Outsource2india has a team of experienced reviewers, coders and document managers who can handle a large volume of electronic or paper files. The lawyers can expertly locate, organize and present the data that you are looking for.  Whether it is reviewing files, conducting analysis, organizing data, creating electronic files or analyzing complex agreements, we can help you with any of your requirements.

4. Case management services
With Outsource2india managing your case management tasks, you will not have to lose any more clients. The lawyers at Outsource2india can organize client files, manage the court filings of litigation papers and maintain case watch reports.

Quality Assurance at Outsource2india
You need not have any worries when it comes to quality as the legal services provided by Indian firms are in no way short of quality when compared with the work done by top-tier law firms in the US. Most Indian LPO service providers employ US licensed attorneys to supervise the work and ensure quality. Since highly qualified and experienced Indian law graduates will be working on your project, you can be sure of quality work.

Choose Outsource2india as your partner for LPO services.

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