How Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Help Your Fashion Apparel Store?

Through photo editing, the ghost mannequin can be removed from your images and the apparel can be enhanced to a life like image.

Did you know that one of the fastest growing sectors in the world is the online fashion industry? This industry is devoted to creating and selling the latest in clothes and accessories, thereby making it very competitive. If you own an ecommerce store, what you would immediately need are quality images. While owning a website that is well optimized is important, it is equally important that you only display good quality images that will interest customers. A new trend in the fashion apparel industry in using Ghost Mannequins.

This refers to the process where several photographs of a product on a mannequin is taken and then combined to remove the mannequin during post-production. The end result is a lifelike image that focuses on the product.

Why is ghost mannequin photo editing important?

If most of your photographs are taken on ghost mannequins, what you would need are ghost mannequin photo editing services. Here is why. This type of photo editing service can help you sell your fashion apparel online and take you ahead of your competitors.

Investing in ghost mannequin photo editing can help your business in more than one way. Through photo editing, the fit, flair and texture of the clothing items can be edited stylistically. Photo editing can also be used to edit different attire like jackets, trousers, dresses or tops. Each garment can be carefully color corrected to make sure that the clothing material looks true to life. The intricate details within the prints and the patterns can be made clearly visible through photo enhancements and photo re-touching.

Photo editing can be done on transparent or see-through garments put on ghost mannequins. This is complex, because of the glare of the light that conflicts with the transparent nature of the clothing, which in turn disturbs the overall quality of the image. Photo editing can also be done for clothing that was exhibited on wire mannequins. This type of photo editing will require a substantial amount of time and effort, but it can be done.

Photos taken on a bog standard mannequin can be carefully edited. Two images can be merged to show the garment from the front and the other one to display the label (inside out). This will be able to give your buyers a holistic idea of the clothing item that they are going to buy. Editing and enhancing of fashionable dresses captured with the floating method. Through photo editing, each outfit can be presented, showcasing maximum details and in the exact color.

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