How Lead Qualification Can Help You Do Away with Bad Leads?

No one wants to turn down an opportunity, but choosing the right one will be a more efficient use of time and energy, rather than trying to convert all the leads.

Have you heard about an old Russian proverb that goes like this “if you chase two rabbits, you’ll catch neither”? This proverb aptly describes sales representatives who sometimes chase several deals simultaneously hoping to convert them without lead qualification. Pursuing a lead is the mark of a good sales representation, while knowing when to stop the pursuit is the mark of an extraordinary sales representative.

While everyone is keen to talk about successful sales stories, not many want to talk about failures. Although sales representatives have to forgo deals on a daily basis, they find it hard to give up on leads. It is disheartening to know that the time, money and effort invested into a deal will not bear fruit. However, your enterprise can only become better if your sales representatives are able to quickly identify and disqualify leads that don’t make the cut. Only lead qualification can help you achieve this.

Here are four ways how lead qualification can help you do away with bad leads:

  1. Allocate more time to qualified deals
    Leads will come back, but the time invested on leads will not return. When your team is spending a significant amount of time on a lead who will not convert, you are wasting time, which is your enterprise’s most valuable resource. Every minute that is spent on trying to win a deal with an unqualified lead is time that cannot be spent on qualified leads. However, with lead qualification, your salespeople will be able to know where a deal is heading. Without energy being spent on converting disqualified leads, your sales team will have more time to focus on leads that offer more potential. Another bonus is the ability to focus on qualified leads.
  2. Find the best prospects and eliminate low-quality leads
    Even though sales representatives are good at multitasking, not all tasks can get equal time, as there always will be a priority disparity. On a regular basis, a salesperson may make multiple phone calls and send out several emails to make a connection with multiple leads. It could get difficult to remember names and points for each lead. It only gets harder, it there are low-quality leads in the list. When your team has to spread out their focus, it would be hard for them to invest their time into the best prospects. Lead qualification can help to disqualify low-quality leads and reveal which prospects are worth pursuing. This can help your sales representatives come up with better sales pitches and close deals, without having to worry about low-quality leads.
  3. Keep your sales funnel clean
    When sales representatives are not able to differentiate between low-quality and high-quality leads, their sales pipeline can get stalled. When several sales reps do this, it can clog up the business sales funnel, leading to a drop in efficiency. This will make it difficult for you to have a clear view of your current sales cycle and make informed decisions. Additionally, the junk leads could also inflate statistics and lead to wrong business decisions. Lead qualification can help you disqualify such leads and free up your sales funnel, thereby giving you a precise view of your sales cycle.
  4. Help sales representatives maintain a better profile
    If your sales representatives have several stalled leads in their profile, their sales score can suffer. Not getting an answer to the bad leads can hurt their numbers, even if they closed a good amount of deals. Using lead qualification to quickly qualify or disqualify leads can help your sales representative to maintain a clean profile and help your management get a clear view of the overall sales health of your enterprise.

It is important to keep in mind that bad leads will not convert and there is no point in pursuing them. Lead qualification services can help you judge if the pieces don’t fit for a particular deal. Outsource lead qualification services to Outsource2india and help your sales team pursue leads that matter. Find out more about outsourcing lead qualification services and empower your sales team today!

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