How to Avoid Bad Transcript?

Outsourced audio files for transcription and received poor transcripts, with several errors? If yes, here are three practical steps that you can use to avoid a bad transcript.

Have you ever watched a movie with bad subtitles and wondered what went wrong? Poorly written transcripts can bring down your brand identify and destroy the image of your enterprise. The first step towards quality transcripts is to find a company that has the right skills, equipment and know-how about transcribing. Once you have found a suitable service provider you can use these three simple ways to avoid bad transcriptions.

  1. Request for samplesBefore you sign up with a service provider, ask for samples of their work. With a transcript of a short audio clip, you will be able to judge if the company does a good job at transcribing. The next thing to check is the process that the company follows? Do they follow multiple rounds of review, where the transcript is reviewed by trained transcribers at different stages? This is an important step, as it can ensure fewer errors. You can also ask the service provider to provide you with a list of all the tools that they are utilize for transcription. Using the latest transcription tools and technology can give you 99.9% accurate transcripts.
  2. Engage only experienced transcribersHow many times have you used the personal assistant on your smartphone for directions and got a wrong match, simply because the device did not understand you. This hold true even for transcription. If you were to only use technology to transcribe without the help of capable humans you cannot be guaranteed of an accurate transcription. Insist on the service provider using only skilled and experienced transcribers to do the job, instead of machines. The use of transcribing machines can give you fast results if you are crunched for time, but you cannot be sure about the quality.
  3. Review the transcriptMake it a point to stress on the quality of the transcriptions. Service providers can promise quick turnaround times and deliver within it, but sometimes it can come at the cost of shoddy transcripts, filled with errors. You don’t have to put up with bad work. The easiest way out of this problem is to take some time out to review the transcriptions. If there are errors, reject the file and send it back for transcription. Listening to the audio file or watching the video before sending it for transcription can help you pick out errors with ease. There can be errors even in files with the perfect sound quality. Accents and colloquialism are somethings that simply don’t get translated with a machine.
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