How to Avoid Problems While Working With An Offshore Software Developer

Most businesses end up working with an offshore software developer at some point.  If you are planning on outsourcing software development services, then you might have concerns about the problems that can arise when working with someone who is halfway across the globe. Don’t worry. You can manage your software project by communicating well and by taking note of the following handy tips:

1. Clearly define your needs: Make sure that your software developer understands what you mean when you explain something. Explicitly explain about the business processes around the new software and ensure that the developer has understood them. This is critical, as if the developer does not understand you, it could result in an expensive mistake.

2. Be specific about your timeline: Estimate how long your project will take in terms of calendar days. This will give the software developer a clear idea about how many days’ work to devote to the project. Agree on a deadline and re-check to make sure that you are both working towards the same timescale.

3. Ask for samples: What is easy for a software developer may be difficult for your team to understand. So when your offshore software developer is designing software, ask for examples of the work-in-progress. If the software looks too hard-to-use or very complicated, you can work with the developer to change it.

4. Describe your way of working: When you adopt new software, it can bring about a complete change to the dynamics and even the processes within your company. To avoid such problems, explain how your company and staff work and help the developer understand how the new software will have an effect on your organization as a whole.

5. Check out how your software will work: While developing a new software, it is not just important that the software does what you want it to, but how it does it is also critical. If your new software is going to be used for the public, it can affect the image that customers have of your company. If the software is going to be used internally, it may affect your employees. So ensure that you are happy with the functionality and the look and feel of the software.

6. Hire a project manager: Good communication is the key to the successful development of your software. Appoint a project manager who understands the goals of your project and is able to clearly communicate this to the software developer. Ensure that the project manager is always available to talk to the developer, if need be.

7. Keep the source code: The source code is something that developers work with. Though it is not the finished product, it does help to create it. Get a copy of the source code of your software as soon as the software development is complete. This will help you make changes in the future, with even the option of using a different software developer.

Have you worked with an offshore software developer? If yes, how did it go? Can you think of any other tips to add to the above list? Do leave your comments or queries in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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