How to Expand Your Business with Translation Services

Read this blog post to find how translation services can widen your customer base, expand your business and catapult your sales.

With globalization taking over the world of business, it is getting more and more critical to meet your customers where they are. If your current target audience is a limited percentage who only understands “English”, then you are definitely missing out on new customers. Communicating about your products/services only in English will limit your business possibilities. You must keep in mind that although English is a universal language, there are several countries that do not speak it.

Did you know that 90% of online shoppers spend their time shopping on websites that are available in their native language? By not making your website available to your target audience, you run the risk of making them shop on your competitors websites. If your English website is not understandable to customers, they will quickly switch to another website, rather than trying to understand about your brand. Getting your website translated is a great way to make a good first impression on your target audience, since it is your first point of your contact with your new customers.

With translation services, your business can become a part of your customers’ community and you can start communicating with them in their own language. Here are a few ways how translation services can help your business expand across foreign countries.

  • Reach out to a wider audience

    To increase the number of sales and to expand your business, you will need to get in touch with a larger number of prospective customers. The best way to attract, engage and build a relationship with them is to communicate with them in a language that they fully understand. Getting your marketing campaigns, brochures, advertisements, website and other such documents translated will enable you to expand your brand and cross over borders. Making your brand recognizable beyond your country can make your business trustworthy for foreign clients. Translation services will not only help you reach out a wider audience, but also increase your credibility and enhance your company image.

  • Enhance your business image

    When your business is a cross-border brand, it can exponentially increase your credibility and make your brand stand out from the crowd. With a multilingual website, you can increase your online presence as clients from different parts of the globe can have immediate access to your company when browsing keywords for services/products in their local language. When your company “pops up” on search engines, customers will be prompted to get in touch with you. Your audience will feel appreciated, as you have made the effort to communicate with them in their local language. This will lead to a better customer experience and an increase in customer loyalty.

  • Build up on trust

    When you address your new prospective customers in their own native language, the messages your business conveys will be more understandable and memorable. Your target audience will be touched by your brand and will be able to relate to the products/services that you are trying to sell. Professional Translation services can ensure that your marketing/advertising campaigns are not only translated, but also adapted to your target audience. Your advertisements will resonate more in the minds of your customers if they are aptly adapted and translated into their local language. Translation services will ensure that all your marketing material is not only localized, but also adapted to fit into the local market.

Why choose human translators over machines?

When it comes to translation, humans outperform machines. Machine translation can be far from reliable. To get the best results from translation, you will need humans and not machines to translate your marketing material. Native translators with sector-specific knowledge can aptly localize your messages and customize them to the local culture of your audience. This type of translation will be more effective than word-for-word machine translation. Translation software on the other hand is not effective at transforming world plays or slogans.

Outsource translation services

Reaching out for professional translation services is a good investment that your business must consider. Getting actual humans to translate your business content and other marketing material will guarantee you results. To grow your business, widen your audience and increase sales, engaging with prospective customers in their native language is an absolute must. The right approach would be to localize your website, advertisements, brochures and marketing campaigns. This is something that only a professional translation company can help you with. Find out more about outsourcing translation services.

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