How to Make a Real Estate Video Tour Look Professional

One of the most important things when putting together a real estate video tour is to make sure that it looks professional and well done. When done properly, a real estate video tour can have a huge impact on a listing. It can bring in more interest, helping a home to sell faster and get a bigger offer. On the other hand, when poorly done, a real estate video tour can be a negative. If the video is low quality, the lighting is bad and the shoot is not well planned, the negatives of a home can be highlighted.

The best option is to work with a professional who knows how to produce high quality real estate video tours with a lot of consistency. Then can deliver a finished product that will be extremely beneficial to the seller. However, below are a few tips that can help anyone make a professional looking real estate video tour.

  1. Use Good Equipment – It is vital that you use a quality HD camera, which has a good lens that can deliver high quality video. In addition, you’ll want to work with a tripod to ensure that the video is stable and steady. The tripod should have a good, fluid head, which will make it easier to pan smoothly and deliver professional-quality video.
  2. Use a Lighting Kit – You won’t always have great lighting in a home, but that does not mean that you can’t shoot well-lit video. Use a lighting kit in rooms that are darker than you would like, and you can really make the home look as bright as possible. Make sure that the lighting is well positioned. It should be behind the camera and to the side of the camera, because if it is pointing back toward the lens it can cause glare and backlighting.
  3. Adjust the Brightness – After the video is shot, you can edit the brightness digitally. This will give you a chance to preview the video and adjust it accordingly. You can make it brighter or darker as needed, or even adjust the color balance to make sure that the colors are really popping. This takes a certain degree of expertise with the video editing software.
  4. Perform Good Editing – Finally, make sure that the edits in the video are well done. You shouldn’t use any shots that are shaky, and you should keep the edits moving. You should cut from one shot to the next every five to 10 seconds. If a shot is only a still image, you should move on from it quicker. If there is some movement or action, you can hold it a bit longer. A well-edited real estate video tour will really move and transition well.

With that advice, you should know what it takes to put together a professional real estate video tour. However, the execution can be difficult. If you struggle to put out a perfect final product, work with a professional real estate video tour production group to get the best results.

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