How to Plan a Real Estate Video Tour

One of the most important steps in creating a great real estate video tour is the first step, which is the planning process. Far too often, a real estate professional simply picks up a hand held camera such as a cell phone with video capabilities, turns it on and walks through the house providing some verbal information about the home. In order to make a great real estate video tour, a lot of planning should be done. The script should be written out and practiced, and the video should move from one room to the next in an order that makes sense. Ideally, the video will showcase the best features of the home first. Here is some information on how to create a real estate video tour that not only looks good, but also leads to bigger and faster sales.

Plan Your Shots
The ideal length for a real estate video tour should ideally be 60 seconds or less. Some research on video lengths online suggests that 90 seconds to four minutes is an acceptable length for marketing videos. You’ll have to determine where on the spectrum your real estate video tour should fall, but make sure it does not exceed four minutes. That may involve some planning. In order to make sure that things run smoothly and make the editing process easier, decide which rooms will appear first in the video and move through them first. Have a script ready and narrate the video with the script. Keep in mind that if you make a mistake, you can always add improved audio in during the editing process.

When planning your video, decide where to place the camera. In some cases you may want close up shots, while in other cases you’ll want a wide angle. Try to position the camera in places where you can highlight the best features of the home and shoot diagonally across rooms to make them look bigger. Shooting from corner to corner gives you the longest distance to a wall, thus giving the perception that the room is larger.

Pan Carefully

You’ll want to practice moving the camera around in a steady manner, especially when panning. It’s an important element on just about any real estate video tour, because you will have to show all of a room by starting on one side and working to the other.
It’s a good idea to always use a tripod when panning, as it will help to hold the camera steady. Just make sure that you get one with a fluid head so that it is easy to move and pan.

Consider Hiring Professionals

While you might be able to put together a solid video, it’s a safe bet that someone who plans out and produces real estate video tours for a living is going to be able to deliver a better final product. They have the equipment and expertise to get the job done faster and better.

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