How to Use Photo Compositing in Your Images?

Want to give photo compositing a try? Read about the 3 steps to start using photo compositing in your photographs.

Did you know that compositing can bring your concepts to life? A composite image refers to the process of taking a subject and transposing it onto a different background. Unlike other types of images, composite images are creative, crisp and beautiful. The use of composite images can give greater flexibility and more creativity to your clients.

The three key ingredients to creating a perfect composite image are editing software, camera settings and lighting. Also the perspective in matching the foreground and the background has to be just right, otherwise the final image can turn out to be unrealistic. If a composite image is well done, viewers will not be able to tell is your image is fake or real.

  1. Ensure Careful lighting
    When trying to capture a composite image, ensure that you have proper lighting. As without the help of even lighting, it would become more difficult to remove the subject from the background. Make sure that the subject is well lit, as this will minimize the problems occurring during editing.
  2. Adjust the subject’s spacing
    Just like how lighting is important to a composite image, spacing too is equally important. Keep in mind how your subject’s location will affect the final outcome. Before you commence the shoot, you have to consider the direction, type of lighting and also the camera’s position.
  3. Place the background in Photoshop
    Once you have the raw images in your hand, you can start using Photoshop for the rest. There are various ways in which compositing can be done in Photoshop. It purely depends on preferences. It is very important to be careful with the edges, as it is these edges, which create a composite illusion. This is why it needs to be well done. The “refine edge” function is photoshop can help you soften the edges, thereby helping you achieve a perfect edge for your composite image.

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