How Transcription Benefits Your Workflow in 4 Ways

Read this blog post to find out how transcription can benefit your workflow in four different ways.

With the increasing rise of online videos, it is surprising that there are so few conversations on the umpteen benefits of transcription. Most people are aware about the captions/subtitles that they see on television shows, however they might not know that the act of turning audio into text is called transcription. The reasons why businesses opt for transcription is simple.

From improvements in turnaround time, boosting the value of your content, helping employees focus and increasing accessibility, transcription can help in more than one way.

Here are four ways how transcription can benefit your workflow.

  1. Accelerate turnaround time
    In business fields, where audio/video material play a major role, transcripts can really help to speed up the workflow of a video editor. With a written document at hand, editors can quickly mark out sections where a revision must be completed and then they can return to editing. Another advantage of a transcript is that editors will not have to constantly move between watching and editing, throughout the process.
  2. Increase the value of your content
    Several enterprises use transcription to make their audio/video content easily searchable. It is a known fact that search engines cannot watch a video or listen to an audio. This is where transcription comes in. If a video is captioned or transcribed, Google bots will be able to read the transcriptions and find out exactly what is within the video.

    In the case wherein a video is long, transcription can be used to break up the video into different topics. Each of these transcripts can then be posted as separate blog posts/pages on your business website.

  3. Enable employees to focus
    In almost every type of industry, transcribing events or meetings, can give internal employees the freedom to focus on the meeting, instead of jotting down notes. Such transcripts can be used for better project management and also as effective marketing content.

    Research has proven that visual memory is much stronger than auditory memory. When your employees are provided with transcripts of all their audio/visual training content, they will be able to retain the information for a much longer period.

  4. Increase the viewership and accessibility of your content
    In the year of 2011, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed to include a condition for public audio/visual content to be made accessible to all viewers. This makes it illegal for audio/video content distributors and creators in the public sector to not include transcripts or captions in their material. Apart from making your content accessible to all, transcribing your materials is considered to be a kind and respectable thing to do for every prospective viewer.

Is your business looking for transcription services? If you are, you have many options. Depending on your budget constraints, you can opt for an automatic transcriptions service, though this type of transcription is not error-free. Or you could engage the service of professional transcribers from Outsource2india. The benefits of transcription are plentiful and we can help you leverage all the advantages of transcribing. We have a team of skilled transcribers and follow an intensive quality check to ensure that you are only left with error-free transcripts that you can use right away. Find out more about our transcription services.

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