How Will Outsourcing Change in 2019?

Outsourcing in 2019 will follow a customer-centric approach and will be cloud-based. Read this blog post to find out more about the upcoming outsourcing trends in 2019

Are you a business owner who wants to outsource in 2019? If yes, you have much to consider. Each New Year, several outsourcing trends come out to stir up the outsourcing industry. 2018 was the year when new outsourcing solutions like cloud and automation slowly started taking over and transforming traditional outsourcing. 2018 saw the emergence of disruptive outsourcing addressing the challenges of businesses. Against this backdrop, experts have noted a few outsourcing trends that are likely to continue in 2019. The goal of these trends is to offer a better user experience for companies who choose outsourcing. Here are some trends that will dominate 2019:

  1. Expansion of cloud-based business processes

    2019 will see more and more organizations embracing disruptive outsourcing technologies like robotic process automation and cloud outsourcing. Enterprises will now wish to integrate cloud services into their business processes, say experts. Organizations will look for a solution that employs both public and private cloud solutions for key business functions. Any new organizations planning to outsource will consider or adopt a cloud solution. A recent survey by Deloitte has said that outsourcing service providers will implement disruptive outsourcing solutions in 2019.

  2. Artificial intelligence is the next big thing

    Artificial intelligence has proven its capabilities across industries. 2019 will see outsourcing service providers use AI technology along with skilled workers to offer cutting-edge outsourcing solutions to global business firms.

  3. Competitive advantage over cost optimization

    Earlier on, cost optimization was the top most criteria when it came to outsourcing. This will no longer be the case. Companies will now look for competitive advantage that will transform the way their organizations work. Outsourcing services will become more effective, agile and efficient. The apparent advantages of outsourcing will not unnoticed by companies choosing to outsource.

  4. Shift towards a customer-centric approach

    Outsourcing companies will focus more on following a client-centered approach in 2019. Service providers will offer clients with customized services that address the unique needs of each business. Following this approach will be the way ahead in 2019.

  5. Many challenges addressed

    2019 will see more companies choosing outsourcing to address several challenges like data migration, application optimization, organizational resistance, security requirements and regulatory compliance to name a few.

  6. Demand for a skilled workforce

    Companies will now look for a skilled workforce who can expertly handle their business functions. Through outsourcing, business owners get access to a skilled team without the hassle of hiring and training. Getting a skilled workforce to work for you can benefit your business on a larger scale by bringing in a higher level of efficiency.

  7. Rise of virtual employees

    2019 will witness more remote outsourcing providers who will offer solutions from geographic locations that have the best talent. Nearshoring is something that will come to the forefront says outsourcing experts. As opposed to traditional outsourcing, nearshoring can help companies quickly scale up their business needs without the need to hire full-time resources or with the struggles of working with a team halfway across the globe. Nearshoring providers will become more popular in 2019.

At Outsource2india, we are at the forefront of meeting these latest trends in outsourcing. We have redefined our models to offer customers with end-to-end value-add services that are sure to make a difference. How is your business enterprise planning to stay adrift in the changing business landscape of 2019? How do you plan to adapt to the current changes in the world of business? Do you plan to outsource? If yes, find out more about our services and how we can help you grow your business. We will be glad to work with you.

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