Improve Customer Relationships with Email & Chat Support Services

You already have a website that is bringing in several inquiries through email, but you find your business account piling up day after day with no time left to reply to your customers. You know that a live chat service on your website can covert visitors into customers, but you lack the resources and expertise to set up a 24/7 chat support function.

With most of your personnel handling core business functions, you are not able to provide your valuable customers with a live chat feature or prompt email replies. Slow replies to emails, ignored emails or chat services that do not function 24/7 can all make a dent in the growth of your business. This can also result in old customers losing their confidence in your brand and new visitors not getting converted into customers.

If your company is facing a similar scenario, you might want to consider outsourcing email support and chat support to India. With an experienced Indian service provider promptly handling your emails and chat support functions on a 24/7 basis, you can expect to enhance your brand, see an increase in business and out beat competition.

Outsourcing live chat support to India

Are your website statistics showing that more and more people are leaving your site because there is no online help? A lack of live chat support on your website can result in a loss of customers who want their queries answered immediately or who want to personally make an enquiry with your staff. Outsourcing live chat support to an experienced Indian service provider like Outsource2india can help you gain customers who would have skipped your website only because of no online help.

Outsource2india uses the very best in technology to provide your valuable customers with 24/7 chat support services at an unbelievably low cost. We have a team of chat support professionals who are given intensive training on customer relationship management. By interacting with prospective customers on a one-to-one basis and by providing information in a friendly manner, our live chat support agents can quickly win over customers for your business.

Customers looking for information on a website are always in a hurry and have little patience to go through a FAQ page or lengthy articles about your services/products. They want to get access to the information they require and if possible get their queries answered. This is where live chat support services can help your business.

With Outsource2india handling chat support, queries of customers will be answered immediately while visitors to your site will be provided with quick information about your services/products. While answering customer queries, our call center agents will also tactfully up-sell or cross-sell your services/products.

Outsourcing email support to India

Start winning back your customers by promptly replying to their emails. Outsourcing email support to an Indian service provider like Outsource2india can help you retain old customers and gain new customers. Outsource2india has an experienced team of email support professionals who will promptly respond to all your emails on your behalf. Our team can also help in answering web form inquiries. Customer emails will be answered swiftly in a friendly and businesslike manner that will help you gain new customers and keep your existing customers happy.

We use specialized software for email management. With the help of the software and with your list of FAQs, we will be able to quickly respond to customer emails without any delays. You can be assured that not a single email would be left without a satisfying reply. We follow an organized system that equips us to answer customer emails within a few minutes.

By providing your customers with 24/7 email support services, you can be sure that your customers will be satisfied and continue to avail your services. Apart from keeping your customers happy through timely email replies, you can also see an improvement in sales, improvement in brand awareness and increase in customer loyalty.

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